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Ranthor Jul 13 2013, 23:52 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post

I was just looking to, and couldnt find any alternity games.

Actually I did a test with and it seems ok, video conf. , battleground, dices and everything.

Anyone interested in a campaign?

blacksunrunner Jul 14 2013, 22:20 Group: Heroes, Master of the Puniverse Quote Post
What did you have in mind?
Ranthor Jul 17 2013, 07:59 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
4 Players, old mercenaries.
Would be nice if it is Europe time,
3-4 Hour sessions, in the evenings. ( like 19:00 -23:00 ). Once or twice in a week.

Setting can be gamma world, or custom alike.

I am also open for new suggestions, ideas.

Ranthor Aug 27 2013, 08:37 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
I assume, nobody is interested.

thread can be closed.
Ranthor Jun 30 2014, 08:13 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
1 year no reply:)
kilgs Jul 29 2014, 03:49 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
People are discussing a Roll20 Alternity game on the Alternity Google+ community.
Ranthor Aug 11 2014, 11:28 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
let me check, no one plays alternity online...        
Krom Aug 21 2014, 04:11 Group: Heroes, Level 14 Quote Post
If you're still looking for a roll20 game I'm down.
Greatarelius1 Aug 25 2014, 00:50 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
Interested as well. If on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, I can get one more player for sure.        We are both familiar with roll20.

skype is fastest way for contact: greatarelius1
Ranthor Aug 25 2014, 06:37 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
Very very nice, If there is 4 players we can work on something.

I also play roll20 (like 1 year)
The issue is my mother language is not english, I have some doubts on roleplaying:)

Let me make a playtest with my other group, and we can make a quickstart.

skype id : ranthor_harwath
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