FXBenefits tag for FX Skills in SQuAT - Alternity Character Tool
Studio Radd Apr 7 2013, 19:40 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
While adding some FX skills to fx.xml I noticed the FXBenefit tag. It appears that you can add the skill rank benefits from the rules but I don't see where you can purchase them.

Does anyone know how to purchase them or if that is a feature that didn't get fully implemented? I figure there's no point adding all of the skill rank benefits if I can't buy them.
Redjack Jan 30 2014, 00:47 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
These benefits are automatically displayed in the export. For example, choose Brick: Body Armor, add some levels then File:Export. You will see an FX section on the character sheet.

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