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You got a really cool idea for Alternity? A short story, set in one of the published settings, or your own homebrew? How about that uber-death ray blaster that can double as an intergalatic space freighter? (Ok, that last one was just silly...) If you have an idea that has been, or perhaps needs to be in print for the rest of us to use and abuse, submit to Last Resort! For a springboard of ideas, you can check out the column titles we have in the table of contents for underutilized columns LR has such as Domain Virtua for Gridsites, or perhaps Future Shock!, tech of PL9+.

Perhaps your talents lie in the more visual, and you can sketch weren in your sleep, or render a starship in some computer program... if you'd like to get your art out there, and would like to work collaboratively with a writer's vision... sign up for the Last Resort!

Last Resort is a volunteer effort of fans of Alternity for the fans of Alternity... To join, navigate your way to or drop me a line with your intentions... Please put "LR7 Submission" in the subject line so my spam blocker won't eat your hard work.
-- bri_aitsya

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