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Alternity Game Day March 3rd

Alternity Game day is approaching again. About Game Day

December 18, 2008 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

Account clean up

User Accounts will be deactivated due to inactive email accounts after the next resource is uploaded.

Deactivated accounts are still in the database, but they do not show on the User Register, if the user account has a forum account as well (as all new members do) the forum account member group is shown as "BAD EMAIL".

This is reversible if anyone wants their account restored, just email terrox at this domain.

Also the "Age" status in User Register pages will become "Last Login" (as Age is part of the forum as well), after a year of inactivity we might automatically "hide" accounts which are not accessed so we have a more useful measure of site usage by real humans.

Update: A lot of inactive accounts were created in 2006. Was that some sort of reaction to D20 modern?

April 21, 2008 by TerroX discuss (3 posts)

Steven Schend chat log

Alternity Game Day chat went smoothly, Chat Logs from the interview with Steven Schend are posted here. A lot of Star*Drive information contained within.

March 03, 2008 by TerroX discuss (1 posts)

Alternity Game Day March 3rd 2008

Steven Schend, author of The Externals, will be attending a chat on AlternityRPG.Net Game Day on March 3rd 2008. Click here for more info.

February 13, 2008 by TerroX discuss (1 posts)

New moderators

Four new moderators have been appointed in the forums, bringing the grand total to 5 (not including myself and Vempire).

There are currently 12 Play-By-Forum games running as well. Almost 120 archived completed games here.

November 07, 2007 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

New Article Posted

LUGTrekGM has posted the first of a new series of articles to the article section. Go take a look.

March 04, 2007 by Starbrat discuss (0 posts)

Chat Log from Gameday 2007

Here is the chat log from the interview with Richard Baker (a main Alternity author) on March 3rd 2007 (annual Alternity Game Day).

Alternity Game Day 2007 chat with Richard Baker

March 03, 2007 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

Alternity Game Day 2007

Spicer (Neil) has received a response from Rich Baker (an Author for Alternity), whom has agreed in principle to attend an online interview/chat session here at on March 3rd for Alternity Game Day (our yearly world-wide event). Spicer has tentatively scheduled the event for 5PM Pacific time to make things easier for Rich. That means 8PM Eastern time on the US east coast - 1am GMT time converter.

See more information about Alternity Game Day here

Alternity Game Day 2007

Last year people organised their own local events and games, others met online in the chat room and we all had a great time. Join in, get creative, participate, enjoy.

forum update: The forum problems should be gone for good now, removed the previews from this page.

January 31, 2007 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

Forum problems

Recently the forum has started acting up. I'm not sure what the cause is, something to do with the forum software and probably an incompatibility with PHP4 security changes made by the host. Who knows....

December 30, 2006 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

New filetypes and formats accepted

OpenOffice (free Word Doc, Spreadsheet, PDF, Drawing program to replace MS Word) file types are now accepted, MS Office formats are discouraged.

MS Word .doc can have compatibility problems with other versions of Word, Excell files could easily be 700kb while the same file in OpenOffice Calc is 70kb and .rtf just not that great.

December 20, 2006 by TerroX discuss (2 posts)

Last resort e-zine Issue #5

Last Resort - e-zine for Alternity - Issue number 5 is out now.
Get the High-Resolution copy here Last Resort: Issue 5 download page

Last Resort Issue #5

July 27, 2006 by TerroX discuss (1 posts)

Foundry Sourcebook complete

therion has completed the final editing on a massive sourcebook for Alternity.

Foundry: A Guide to Robots, Androids and Automatons is an alternative robot creation system to that which Dataware provides, with the goal of completely superseding Dataware on robot creation rules. Dataware chapters concerning Grid, programs and AIs are not within Foundry's scope.

Foundry is a heavy fusion of Dataware's concepts, Warships mechanics and good will. It tries to provide a ground set of rules for creation of all robots, not just playable/heroes, similar to the Warships efforts to set a standard for all spaceship design.

Foundry is a 50000+ word 60 page netbook, as massive as it gets. It is quite usable to create any robot you can imagine.

Read more at the forum topic or download the Foundry PDF here (4.2meg)

Alternity Foundry: A Guide to Robots, Androids and Automatons

July 21, 2006 by TerroX discuss (1 posts)

RSS forum Feed fixed.

The RSS feed for the forum is working again, an easy way to get non-email notifications of new posts in various forums (not the play-by-forum sections though).

Click here to get RSS feed RSS FEED

June 13, 2006 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

Site moved

For information and error reports, see this forum topic

June 08, 2006 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

Another Server move.

Everything may appear to be running smoothly, and it is - but it is only a matter of time before the has serious problems again (forum was being erratic for 2 days). Next time I want to be prepared, so I am moving to a host which has error logging tools that don't totally suck like Servage does.

Servage claimed may have been under some kind of attack, but with their abysmal control panel there is no way to tell! I suspect they caused a confirguration problem, but I can't prove it.

The new host has a lot more features, faster FTP, better DNS and allows me to implement SPF (spam prevention thing) and other cool stuff.

Bandwidth and storage space limits are safe, there will be no worries there. And no more rediculous database access per hour limits!

June 08, 2006 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

100 000 Posts in the forums

The forums have reached a milestone 100 000 posts (not counting posts in the original forum too). Woohoo!

Edit: And 39 concurrent play-by-forum games running (Ja and LordKrath are running 12 of them!) and 447 submitted adventures, stories, conversions, equipment, spaceships, heroes etc.

May 18, 2006 by TerroX discuss (2 posts)

Jim Bulter Chat Logs

Jim Butler (brand manager while Alternity was in print) answers some questions collected from the Alternity community - read chat log

April 02, 2006 by TerroX discuss (2 posts)

Chat with Jim Butler

Spicer is organising another chat event for April 1st, this time with the Brand Manager of Alternity (when it was in print) AKA Jim Butler!

Information about Jim and Questions to ask of Jim are being collected here

March 17, 2006 by TerroX discuss (2 posts)

JD Wiker chat log

JD Wiker was kind enough to join us for the official Game Day chat.

For all those who missed it, here is the chat log.

JD Wiker chat log

Hope you all had a blast on Game Day !

March 04, 2006 by vempire discuss (2 posts)

Game Day, March 3rd 2006 approaches

Posted by Spicer here: Okay folks...

Alternity Game Day will soon be upon us. It's time to start planning the activities for March 3rd. As it stands now, everyone's agreed that will host ongoing chat sessions on It would be great if everyone around the world could maintain a continuous presence there for people that drop by. The mere fact that a chatroom called #alternity is filled with lots of folks might attract some interest by those who tend to frequent D20 or other game-related chatrooms on the same server. So, if you've got plenty of time and can fill out the various timezones, plan on hanging around the chatroom, if possible.

In the meantime, I'd like to start putting together a line-up for "official" seminars or hosted events, hopefully with a few guests. For those of you that have contributed mightily to the online body of work posted here at for others, please plan to attend as part of a panel discussion on the "State of Alternity Fan Support". I'm hoping to have a conversation with a few of the original game designers and see if I can't nudge one or two to join us for a "History of Alternity" seminar, as well. Apoc? If you're reading this, please contact me about approaching Rich Baker on our behalf. He's been pretty gracious about helping us out on such things in the past. I'll check in with JD Wiker and Sean K. Reynolds next week at StellarCon and run the idea past them as well.

Lastly, if you're intending to use some of Alternity Game Day to host or play an online game event, please indicate that here. Specifically, I'll need someone experienced in IRC-chat to set aside extra rooms for such games. It would be nice if they were all prefixed with "#Alternity-" or something to that effect to demonstrate their purpose.

Time to start planning and advertising,

P.S. If you frequent other message boards where we can advertise Alternity Game Day as an hosted event, please volunteer for posting on our behalf.

update: poster made by Ja 4 meg zipped JPEG for printing and spreading around the city.

February 08, 2006 by TerroX discuss (4 posts)

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