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<Kian_Jorry> [I''l try to use the gauntlet and put a call through to Dervi]
<event_horizon> okay so kian is stuck in the elevator and he just called you on his station phone
<Dervil_Wegur> Yo Kian, gota problem?
<Kian_Jorry> You bet.
<Dervil_Wegur> Ok, what is it and how do we fix it
<Kian_Jorry> I'm stuck in a station elevator, there's been a bomb.
<Neyarra> How far from the top is the car?
<Dervil_Wegur> Uh huh... Well, give us a location and we will come quickly - is there guards?
<Kian_Jorry> The cab's just about attached to the rail, but the power's out.
<event_horizon> it is starting to get cold and there is no longer artificial gravity
<Kian_Jorry> There probably will be. The bomb was in the office of an arms dealer, I think.
<Kian_Jorry> Just follow the "hull breach" alarms.
<Kian_Jorry> btw, there's a 3D in one of your boots.
<Dervil_Wegur> Neyarra, can you handle bombs?
<event_horizon> unfortunately, his car is on the outside of the station and that section of the inside is sealed off
<Kian_Jorry> Put it somewhere safe, and pass it to our Exxon rep if something happens to me.
<Neyarra> {is there anyplace we can get some gear to go into the vacuum?}
<Kian_Jorry> I think that's the only bomb.
<event_horizon> there is still debris everywhere that you can see and it is going in every direction
<event_horizon> you notice one large piece of debris floating towards your car
<Dervil_Wegur> hmm, lets try to get Kian out of the elevator. Will the bomb go off soon?
<event_horizon> well, you could go to an airlock if you had E-suits or you could find a ship or something
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<Dervil_Wegur> <event_horizon> there was only one bomb that you know of, and it destroyed part of the station and the rail that the elevator car was on
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< Sorry, got cut off. Can you kick Kian?
<event_horizon> hes gone
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<event_horizon> remember that large piece of debris?
<Kian_Jorry> Yesssss.....
<Dervil_Wegur> <event_horizon> it hits your car, knocking it off the track and sending it floating through space
<Dervil_Wegur> oh.
<Kian_Jorry> No breaches?
<Dervil_Wegur> Bye car
<event_horizon> there is no power in the car, so none of the systems are working
<Kian_Jorry> Uhhhh, guys...
<Dervil_Wegur> : tries to locate the lift shaft of Kian
<event_horizon> Kian also notices a faint whistling sound
* Kian_Jorry starts breathing slowly and shallowly
<Dervil_Wegur> Damni!
<Kian_Jorry> Oh, shit. Guys, I think there's a breach in here.
<Neyarra> {is there any air containing devices in the car? like a fire extinguisher?}
<event_horizon> it is not a shaft... it is on the surface of the station
* Kian_Jorry pulls of his top.
<Kian_Jorry> [EH, can I find the breach?
<event_horizon> there is no fire, and the air filtration system was needs power to run
<Neyarra> {fire extinguisher doesn't mean fire.}
<Neyarra> {is there one or not?}
<event_horizon> kians lift is on the outside of the station and it is floating away
<event_horizon> yes
<event_horizon> they contain CO2 though
<Dervil_Wegur> I want an E-suit and some cable, fast!
<Neyarra> given. what if he could find it, hold his breath, and propell himself back to the main space vessel with it, to an airlock?}
<event_horizon> you could press the emergency breach alarm (and that would seal off the section and release emergency E-suits, but it is a galactic offense)
<Neyarra> {where we would wait, and give him the signal and open it when he arrived?
<Dervil_Wegur> oh!.
* Dervil_Wegur presses alarm
<event_horizon> the hole is very small and his cart is tumbling, so he wouldnt have control
<Neyarra> *grabs e-suit, shoves it on*
* Kian_Jorry tries to stuff his top into the hole
<event_horizon> RED LIGHTS!!! ALARM!!!
<Dervil_Wegur> rock!
<Neyarra> {I meant independantyl from the car. could he or could h not?}
<event_horizon> if he had an e-suit
<Dervil_Wegur> Take a spare suit Neyarra!
<Kian_Jorry> [exactly. To fire the fX, I'd need to get it outside]
<event_horizon> by this point, there are some small scouts (station security) surveying the damage
<Neyarra> {granted he'd be unconcious in the first few seconds- but we could still go out with a suit for him and pull him back in.}
<event_horizon> you head to the airlock, and you can anchor some cable magnetically to the hull
<Neyarra> or at least a space respirator from one.
* Dervil_Wegur anchors cables
<event_horizon> (i take it that you took a fire extinguisher or something else to propel yourself with
<Neyarra> *anchor's cable.
<event_horizon> there is debris floating everywhere
<Kian_Jorry> Watch out guiys, there's a lot of sharp, nast crap out there.
* Dervil_Wegur gets himself an E-Suit as well, just in case.
<event_horizon> so do you want to go and see if you can find the car?
<Neyarra> jumps, short burst from extinguisher, heads toward car with respirator from extra e-suit for kian*
<Dervil_Wegur> YES!
<Neyarra> is the cable long enough?
<event_horizon> finding the car could be interesting, especially because of that sharp debris that just sliced your cable in two
<event_horizon> :)
<event_horizon> dervil what are you doing
<event_horizon> ?
<Kian_Jorry> [How am I feeling?]
<Dervil_Wegur> puttin on e-suit
<event_horizon> cold
<Kian_Jorry> [air okay?]
<event_horizon> its up to you to save them now
<Dervil_Wegur> throwins Kian Another cable (if I am aware of that)
<event_horizon> the air is getting a little thin
<event_horizon> you could grab neyarra's cable
<Neyarra> :) continues trajectory to the car, still has respirator and extinguisher.{do i reach the car?}
<event_horizon> yes, you manage to find it by a fluke chance
<event_horizon> you got lucky
<Dervil_Wegur> <event_horizon> and dervil, anchored, sees neyarra's cable
* Dervil_Wegur grabs it
<Kian_Jorry> Hello, Neyarra. Thought you'd never get here.
<event_horizon> you use a fire extinguisher to jet off the station and grab the cable, which you see is attached to neyarra and the cab
<Kian_Jorry> What's the plan?
<event_horizon> dervil is still anchored, so he can pull you back in
<Dervil_Wegur> tell me when!
<Neyarra> pull us back through the mess. *(gives kian the respirator)*
<Kian_Jorry> [And the cab? Or will I have to get out somehow?]
<event_horizon> well if neyarra holds on
<Neyarra> we'll help with the extinguisher, but just a little. were almost' empty of gas.
* Dervil_Wegur pulls cable, me strong, pull all!
<Kian_Jorry> Jeez Dervil, what've you been eating?!
<event_horizon> and you all make it back to the airock
<event_horizon> but the cab wont fit
<Dervil_Wegur> You stuck in there?
<event_horizon> you can blow the door and go into the airlock unprotected
<Kian_Jorry> I have a plan. I'll shoot the glass out, and you pull me in before I decompress too much.
* Dervil_Wegur looks for cutting tools
<Neyarra> Kian, put on the respirator, and get out of the cab. we have to go.
<Kian_Jorry> I have my gun, Dervil! Stand back.
<Neyarra> *pulls ourt revolver*
* Dervil_Wegur stands back
* Kian_Jorry shoots the glass out.
<Neyarra> *puts it back, pulls kian back to arirlock.
<event_horizon> kian goes flying out and flies into the airlock
* Dervil_Wegur closes airlock
<Kian_Jorry> [wow, visions of 2001!!]
<event_horizon> he hits the emergency repressurize
<event_horizon> :)
<Kian_Jorry> Thanks.
<Kian_Jorry> Y'know, I have a few safety improvements for the planners...
<event_horizon> you are bleeding and your eyes are hurting, but you are back in the station
<Dervil_Wegur> need a Med Tech
<event_horizon> the airlock door opens to the station and there are armed troops
<event_horizon> "Freeze!"
<Kian_Jorry> Already did, you efin' jokers!
<Neyarra> {now comes the security force for the 'galactic offense'}
<Dervil_Wegur> uh, yeah, we're like passengers or something?.
* Kian_Jorry is in no mood for this...
<event_horizon> "you are all under arrest for breaking galactic law and unauthorized airlock use"
<Neyarra> fair enough, as long as the judge isn't biased.
<event_horizon> they tote you all off to prison cells, where you must wait
<event_horizon> to be continued...
<Kian_Jorry> If you assholes had decent security, my friends wouldn't have had to rescue me!
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<Neyarra> kian, shut up. we don't need them mad at us.
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<event_horizon> I gotta go, so I'll talk to you all on the message boards. Good game
<TerroX> thanc man!
<Starbrat> seeya, EH!
<Neyarra> right on.
<TerroX> se ya round
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