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[22:09] <Event_Horizon> Kian Jorry approaches the strange electrical box that was hidden on the wall and hears a powerdown noise. The alien body, which is approx. 3 meters tall, lies on the ground in a pool of green blood.
[22:09] * Starbrat is now known as Kian_Jorry
[22:10] <Kian_Jorry> OK I'll take a closer look. Any idea what it is?
[22:10] <Event_Horizon> The body and blood flicker and disappear. To be continued…
[22:10] <Event_Horizon> And now the conclusion. Event Horizon episode 1x02 – “Dark Mines, part II”
[22:10] <Event_Horizon> Quite confused over what you have just seen, you all look at each other for answers, of which you have none. What do you do?
[22:11] <Kian_Jorry> Now here's a pretty one. How does a hologram hurl a man across a room?
[22:11] <Event_Horizon> [ speaking out of character use brackets ]
[22:11] <Pollack_Munch> We better watch out .. something's out there
[22:11] <Pollack_Munch> yup Kian .. couldn't
[22:11] <Kian_Jorry> {i know} Where's the brave coomander got to?
[22:11] <Pollack_Munch> Can you check on the electrical panel ?
[22:12] <Event_Horizon> The circuitry was fried by the electrical fire, but you see an X3D in a small slot
[22:12] <Kian_Jorry> [does it look damaged?]
[22:12] <Event_Horizon> no
[22:12] <Kian_Jorry> [I'll try and remove it] well, look here..
[22:12] <Event_Horizon> You successfully remove the X3D. It is damaged, but you think that it may be salvageable… after some serious work. Nothing else in the box is salvageable.
[22:12] <Pollack_Munch> Kian, as soon as you think it's okay, we move back to the lift ok ?
[22:13] <Kian_Jorry> Nothing to wait around here for. [are we aware that devlin is missing?]
[22:13] * NPC_CommanderGallant ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:13] <Pollack_Munch> [ Dervil ]
[22:13] <Kian_Jorry> [oops!]
[22:13] <Event_Horizon> he is not missing yet
[22:14] <Pollack_Munch> Commander, what do we do ? Investigate further or retreat ?
[22:14] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I think that we should look around some more
[22:14] <Pollack_Munch> ok ..
[22:14] <Kian_Jorry> [OK] Let's go. this little beauty may have some answers.
[22:14] <Pollack_Munch> [ Event_Horizon : you play Dervil ? ]
[22:14] <Event_Horizon> no
[22:14] <Event_Horizon> I'll take care of it
[22:14] <Pollack_Munch> sure can, might contain holo sequences
[22:15] <Event_Horizon> As you approach the end of the tunnel, a rock wall appears, blocking the tunnel. The mining lights overhead begin to flicker, and two of the 3 meter tall aliens appear through the wall. You think to yourself oh, shit.
[22:15] <Kian_Jorry> Commender? With your leave?
[22:15] <Kian_Jorry> [words outta my mouth!]
[22:15] <Pollack_Munch> ooow shit !
[22:15] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what the----?
[22:15] * Kian_Jorry pulls knife and backs off slowly
[22:15] <Event_Horizon> As you draw your weapons, the two disappear in what looks like a streak of light towards you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the two security guards that were in back of you mauled – they are now without insides and are lying very dead on the floor.
[22:16] <Event_Horizon> Dervil Wergur is also attacked and he looks to be dying, but not yet completely
[22:16] <Event_Horizon> dead
[22:16] <Kian_Jorry> BLODDY HELL!!
[22:16] <Pollack_Munch> FIIIRE !
[22:16] * Kian_Jorry runs over to grab dervil
[22:16] <Event_Horizon> The holograms disappear and so does the wall that was blocking the passage. The lights stop flickering and go out. It is now pitch dark
[22:16] <Kian_Jorry> Pollack, help me with him.
[22:17] <Pollack_Munch> I turn on my flashlight ..
[22:17] <Pollack_Munch> coming
[22:17] <NPC_CommanderGallant> screw this
[22:17] <Event_Horizon> Commander Gallant turns on a light of his and starts heading back towards the elevator.
[22:17] <NPC_CommanderGallant> get him and lets go!!!
[22:17] <Pollack_Munch> I'll take him ..
[22:17] <NPC_CommanderGallant> *runs toward the elevator
[22:17] * Pollack_Munch throwing Dervil over my shoulder
[22:17] <Kian_Jorry> OK, let's show the better part of valour..
[22:18] * Kian_Jorry follows pollack and the gallant commander
[22:18] <Pollack_Munch> Kian, see if somone survived !
[22:18] <Event_Horizon> as you are running, you hear some growls coming from behind you
[22:18] <Pollack_Munch> But, be quick ...
[22:18] * Kian_Jorry makes a hasty check of the other bodies
[22:18] <Pollack_Munch> ok .. run like hell !
[22:18] <Event_Horizon> no one else survived - the guards are inside out
[22:18] <NPC_CommanderGallant> COME ON!!!!
[22:18] <NPC_CommanderGallant> now!
[22:19] * Kian_Jorry follows *fast*
[22:19] <Event_Horizon> You make it into the elevator and you return to the surface levels. As soon as the doors open, a younger security officer approaches Gallant
[22:19] * Pollack_Munch runs as fast as he can while carrying Dervil
[22:19] * NPC_CommanderGallant has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[22:19] <Pollack_Munch> pfew .. at least, some relief ..
[22:19] <Pollack_Munch> what the hell was that out there ,
[22:19] <Pollack_Munch> ??
[22:19] * NPC_guard ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:19] <Kian_Jorry> Where the hell is medical, anyway?
[22:20] <Kian_Jorry> [is there someone to point the way, or a map?]
[22:20] * Pollack_Munch looks angrily at security officer
[22:21] <NPC_guard> the Galactic Arms ship just docked. We got a lot more weapons. That is where the replicants are getting their weapons - GA is making a ton of money! Come with me to the command deck after you get your friend to medical
[22:21] <Pollack_Munch> Better hurry, he's in bad shape ..
[22:21] <Pollack_Munch> Someone has first aid skills ?
[22:22] <Kian_Jorry> No, we'd better get him to an expert.
[22:22] <Event_Horizon> you run to medical and set Dervil on the table. The young medical officer looks overwhelmed and is somewhat panicky, but assures you that he will do all that he can
[22:22] * NPC_guard ( has left #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:22] * NPC_CommanderGallant ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:23] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. we better make some plans ..
[22:23] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we got to get to the command deck
[22:23] <Pollack_Munch> walking in there like we did is .. euh .. suicide!
[22:23] <NPC_CommanderGallant> follow me
[22:23] <Kian_Jorry> Something I want to ask you while we walk...
[22:23] <Pollack_Munch> k ..
[22:23] <Kian_Jorry> Do you track ALL traffic that docks or lands here?
[22:23] <Event_Horizon> he leads you through the corridors to another elevator
[22:23] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what
[22:23] <NPC_CommanderGallant> oh
[22:24] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we dont usually, unless they are carrying vital supplies
[22:24] <Kian_Jorry> Do you have anything like a sensor log?
[22:24] <NPC_CommanderGallant> furthermore, usually we dont get any traffic
[22:24] <Event_Horizon> you get in the elevator
[22:25] <Kian_Jorry> So, can we ascertain who's been here since the killings started?
[22:25] <NPC_CommanderGallant> yea, he just thought that I would want to know that we got more weapons
[22:25] <Kian_Jorry> Weapons hell, *somebody* put that box down there...
[22:25] <NPC_CommanderGallant> yes, but there have been no unusual shipments other than you since the killings started
[22:25] <Pollack_Munch> yeah .. and you don't do that in a day, right ?
[22:26] <Event_Horizon> the elevator door opens and you are on the command deck
[22:26] <Kian_Jorry> I see...
[22:26] <Event_Horizon> , you see around twenty people bustling about their different stations and Captain Harvey, the station commander
[22:26] <Pollack_Munch> What's the plan ?
[22:26] <Event_Horizon> the commander says "what the hell happened down there?!?!?!?
[22:27] <Pollack_Munch> wish I could tell ..
[22:27] <Kian_Jorry> Now. THAT@S a very smart question.
[22:27] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I dont know... some kind of hologram
[22:27] <Kian_Jorry> Or a weapon.
[22:27] <Pollack_Munch> you call that a hologram ??
[22:27] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we just dont know
[22:27] <Kian_Jorry> I'm not convinced these things are alive.
[22:27] <Event_Horizon> Pollack Munch glances around at all of the different consoles, and sees one that flashes a message at him – “GET TO YOUR QUARTERS – BE QUIET ABOUT IT” and then returns to normal before anyone else notices.
[22:27] <Pollack_Munch> Anyway, even loaded we don't stand a chance .. or maybe with body tanks
[22:27] <Event_Horizon> [ no one else knows ]
[22:28] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we did kill one
[22:28] <Pollack_Munch> Get to your quarters flashed on a screen !
[22:28] <Kian_Jorry> What?
[22:28] <NPC_CommanderGallant> there are emitter boxes, and shooting them kills the hologram
[22:28] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what?
[22:28] <Pollack_Munch> Yup, it was flashing on a screen .. [ which one ]
[22:28] <Event_Horizon> that one
[22:29] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what are you talking about?
[22:29] <Pollack_Munch> Oh .. nothing ..
[22:29] <Pollack_Munch> I'm a bit messed up right now ..
[22:29] * Kian_Jorry casts an eye on the crew, to see reactions..
[22:29] * Pollack_Munch pinches Kian ..
[22:29] <Event_Horizon> the commander asks "what are you going to do about it? Can you kill all of these boxes?"
[22:30] <Event_Horizon> there is no crewmember that saw the message
[22:30] * Kian_Jorry nods gently to Pollack
[22:30] * Pollack_Munch whispers at Kian .. mmh .. we'd better leave them to their work
[22:30] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we think, but they are disguised
[22:30] <Kian_Jorry> If we can find the boxes, we can kill the creatures.
[22:30] <Pollack_Munch> Naah .. I must have imagined it .. nevermind
[22:31] <NPC_CommanderGallant> Captain, We can kill the boxes if we had the proper imaging goggles
[22:31] * Pollack_Munch tries to leave the deck without being noticed
[22:31] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I can order them
[22:31] <NPC_CommanderGallant> where are you going?
[22:31] <Pollack_Munch> euh .. men's room :)
[22:31] <Kian_Jorry> We still have some unpacking to do...
[22:31] * KFC54 ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:31] <Pollack_Munch> yup, that too
[22:32] <Kian_Jorry> And I need to check some sources for information.
[22:32] <Kian_Jorry> With your leave, gentlemen?
[22:32] <Event_Horizon> the captain says "fine, but I am restricting all access to the mines
[22:32] <Kian_Jorry> Good idea.
[22:32] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I will order the stuff
[22:32] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what sources?
[22:32] <Pollack_Munch> [ question : the msg on the console, was it a console near me ? ]
[22:32] <Event_Horizon> [ it was one that was facing you ]
[22:33] <Pollack_Munch> [ ok ]
[22:33] <Pollack_Munch> Kian, coming ?
[22:33] <Kian_Jorry> I'll need to access your own records for personnel movements, that sort of thing. Also some technical information.
[22:33] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I am going to go to security HQ - want to join me?
[22:33] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I have all that at security HQ
[22:33] <Kian_Jorry> Sure, Pollack.
[22:33] <Pollack_Munch> ok, just give us a sec
[22:34] <Event_Horizon> Pollack catches the message once again
[22:34] <Event_Horizon> no one else saw
[22:34] * Pollack_Munch leaves
[22:34] <Kian_Jorry> Thanks commander, but I need to do some preliminary work first. That's why you hired us.
[22:34] * Kian_Jorry Follows Pollack out
[22:34] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what do you guys need some rest or something?
[22:34] <NPC_CommanderGallant> meet me at security HQ in a few hours
[22:35] * Pollack_Munch yells, sure !
[22:35] <Event_Horizon> you leave and proceed to your quarters
[22:35] <Event_Horizon> on your way out, A crewman comes up to the party and addresses the captain: “the Galactic Arms ship jettisoned its cargo container that the weapons were in. It landed on this asteroid across the horizon. The ship then cleared the asteroid field. No other contacts to report, sit.”
[22:35] <Kian_Jorry> *hisses to pollack* OK, what was that about?
[22:35] <Kian_Jorry> [hello...]
[22:35] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. Kian .. the message was there
[22:36] <Pollack_Munch> at a screen facing me ..
[22:36] <Pollack_Munch> could it be meant for me ??
[22:36] <Event_Horizon> you get to your quarters
[22:36] <Event_Horizon> There is a 3D sitting on the table that wasn’t there before. On it is a message: “I can help you, but you must do what I say. Harvey knows what is in the mines. He helped planned it. There are other members of the station crew that are in on the conspiracy. It is run by Galactic Arms Corp
[22:36] <Pollack_Munch> I'm not into this tech things much ..
[22:36] <Event_Horizon> "You must hack into the sensor computer (from any terminal on the station) and check the location that the pod landed. This is close to their base. Go out there while everyone else is asleep and be quiet about it. I will contact you again.”
[22:37] <Kian_Jorry> Ohhhhh,kay.
[22:37] <Pollack_Munch> [ table in our quarters? ]
[22:37] <Event_Horizon> yea
[22:37] <Kian_Jorry> So, who wants us outside and why, eh?
[22:37] <Event_Horizon> Gallant walks into your quarters
[22:37] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. damn .. I spoke too soon back there ..
[22:37] <Kian_Jorry> Hello, cammander
[22:37] <Pollack_Munch> heya
[22:38] * Kian_Jorry approaches comander, keeping table out of sight, hopefully
[22:38] <Kian_Jorry> Something new?
[22:38] <NPC_CommanderGallant> oh guys if you need a computer, there is one for you down the hall in teh "computer room"
[22:38] <Pollack_Munch> I try to hide the 3D
[22:38] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what was that?
[22:38] <Pollack_Munch> huh ?
[22:38] <Kian_Jorry> Good. Where's the computer room?
[22:39] <NPC_CommanderGallant> oh whatever. Meet me in 4 hours at security HQ to discuss our next options
[22:39] <Event_Horizon> it is down the hall
[22:39] <Pollack_Munch> sure .. we'll be there
[22:39] <Event_Horizon> Gallant leaves
[22:39] <Kian_Jorry> That should be fine.
[22:39] <Pollack_Munch> pfew .. that was close ..
[22:39] <Pollack_Munch> better hide it Kian
[22:39] <Kian_Jorry> Too close.
[22:39] <Kian_Jorry> Yes, give it here..
[22:39] <Pollack_Munch> here
[22:40] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. good, you could use that terminal
[22:40] <Kian_Jorry> Certainly could. Now, let's take a look at our new baby.
[22:40] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. we'd better keep an eye on Harvey too
[22:40] * Kian_Jorry takes out the X3d from the holoterminal
[22:41] <Pollack_Munch> I'm waching the door ..
[22:41] <Kian_Jorry> Mmmm.
[22:41] <Pollack_Munch> ?
[22:41] <Event_Horizon> are you in teh computer room?
[22:41] <Kian_Jorry> [not yet, just taking a look. Anything unusual?]
[22:41] <Event_Horizon> the X3D only contains the text message
[22:42] <Kian_Jorry> [the one from the tunnels, I mean]
[22:42] <Event_Horizon> oh, it appears to be some text code - probably specalized program code, you think
[22:43] <Pollack_Munch> Why would Captain Harvey plan such a thing ?
[22:43] <Kian_Jorry> manufactured atrocity, perhaps?
[22:43] <Pollack_Munch> What's he getting ? Arms ?
[22:43] <Kian_Jorry> I think we have an appointment that will help us find out.
[22:43] <Pollack_Munch> It's run by Galactic Arms ..
[22:44] <Pollack_Munch> heh, yeah ..
[22:44] <Kian_Jorry> Yes, so why did they just dump an entire container?
[22:44] <Event_Horizon> (the same company that dropped off the guns)
[22:44] <Kian_Jorry> [exactly]
[22:44] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. not sure
[22:44] <Event_Horizon> (you remember the message told you to hack into the sensor logs
[22:45] <Kian_Jorry> C'mon, nothing more to learn here. let's see what the computers hee can tell us.
[22:45] <Pollack_Munch> yup .. let's go
[22:45] * Kian_Jorry steps outside to the hall terminal
[22:45] <Event_Horizon> you go to the computer room, which is empty except for a desk with a terminal on it
[22:46] <Pollack_Munch> Euh .. I keep an eye out, ok ?
[22:46] <Kian_Jorry> Thanks.
[22:46] <Kian_Jorry> OK, let's start simple...
[22:46] <Pollack_Munch> np .. be quiet .. He wold try to contact us again ..
[22:47] <Kian_Jorry> [First I want to access the event logs, to see where and when the killings have occured]
[22:47] <Pollack_Munch> You have to hack into their system .. be careful man
[22:47] * Kian_Jorry nods
[22:47] <Event_Horizon> " I'm sorry, the main computer is password-protected. Please enter your 12-digit secutiry passcode
[22:47] <Kian_Jorry> [event, this isn't currently a hack-I just want to see what the system will LET me have]
[22:48] <Event_Horizon> you have access to ConcordMail, so you can access your email
[22:48] <Kian_Jorry> [Heh!]
[22:48] <Event_Horizon> and other simple things, like encyclopedias, news, etc
[22:48] <Pollack_Munch> I wonder how Dervil's doing ..
[22:49] <Kian_Jorry> They'll let us know if there's a change, I'm sure..
[22:49] <Pollack_Munch> Kian, don't waste too much time, okay ?
[22:49] <Kian_Jorry> [I'll check my mail, then get on to some serious stuff]
[22:49] <Event_Horizon> the screen goes blank and some text appears.
[22:49] <Kian_Jorry> Hmmm, hello..
[22:49] <Event_Horizon> "you must hack the sensor logs - where the ship dropped the container is where their outpost is"
[22:50] * Kian_Jorry sighs
[22:50] <Pollack_Munch> [ we know .. :) ]
[22:50] <Kian_Jorry> Tell me what I don't know.
[22:50] <Pollack_Munch> anything useful ?
[22:50] <Kian_Jorry> Not yet..
[22:50] <Event_Horizon> you seem to remember a hacking backdoor trick that was found in this type of old OS
[22:50] <Pollack_Munch> .. you got the tools for this hacking thing ?
[22:51] <Kian_Jorry> [OK I'll try to hack the sensor logs]
[22:51] <Event_Horizon> you can download your tools off your gridsite
[22:51] <Pollack_Munch> [ hehe : test/test ]
[22:51] <Event_Horizon> what is your skill
[22:51] <Kian_Jorry> Hacking 2, security 1
[22:52] <Event_Horizon> d20
[22:52] * A_Net_Dice rolls (d20) for Event_Horizon and gets 1.
[22:52] * AlternityRPG rolls (d20) for Event_Horizon and gets 20.
[22:52] <Event_Horizon> hmmmmm
[22:52] <Pollack_Munch> [ take A_Net_Dice :)) ]
[22:52] <Kian_Jorry> [I have dice just like that!]
[22:52] <Pollack_Munch> [ do I kick AlternityRPG ?
[22:53] <Event_Horizon> no, I rolled here - a 4
[22:53] <Event_Horizon> good success
[22:53] * AlternityRPG has been kicked by Pollack_Munch (out!)
[22:53] <Event_Horizon> hehe
[22:53] <Pollack_Munch> [ :) ]
[22:53] <Kian_Jorry> [Go Pollack, go Pollack..]
[22:54] <Event_Horizon> you gain access to the sensor logs, which is in the least secure part of the computer
[22:54] <Kian_Jorry> [Right, I'll take a look at the last hour or so, to see where the container dropped]
[22:54] <Event_Horizon> there is also: security, staffmail,live sensors,
[22:55] <Event_Horizon> you get the coordinates
[22:55] <Pollack_Munch> hey, staffmail [ I'm looking at the screen ]
[22:55] <Pollack_Munch> think you can get into Harvey's account ??
[22:55] <Kian_Jorry> [yay! Now I want to look at staffmail, see if there's anything incriminating...]
[22:55] <Kian_Jorry> Maybe, if nobody walks in on us
[22:55] * Kian_Jorry grins at Pollack
[22:55] <Pollack_Munch> ok, I'll check ..
[22:56] <Event_Horizon> you get an ordinary success, so you only gain access to mail that has not yet been ready
[22:56] * Pollack_Munch walks towards the door .. [ are there windows ? ]
[22:56] <Event_Horizon> ready
[22:56] <Event_Horizon> READ
[22:56] <Event_Horizon> no
[22:56] <Pollack_Munch> I'm going into the hallway ..
[22:57] <Pollack_Munch> Kian, I'm out for a sec ..
[22:57] <Kian_Jorry> [so, anything here? Contacts or somesuch?]
[22:57] * Kian_Jorry nods distractedly
[22:57] <Event_Horizon> there is not much new other than an email from GA
[22:57] <Kian_Jorry> {I'll take a peek]
[22:57] <Pollack_Munch> I do some walking in the hallway [ anyone in sight ? ]
[22:58] <Kian_Jorry> [what's it say?]
[22:58] <Event_Horizon> "Harvey- pleasure doing business with you. The package was dropped off like normal and everything is going well. Good luck/"
[22:58] <Event_Horizon> there is no one in the hall
[22:59] <Pollack_Munch> ok, going back in .. quietly ..
[22:59] <Kian_Jorry> [OK, I'll try and look at the security files]
[22:59] * KFC54 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[22:59] <Event_Horizon> 15 hehe
[22:59] <Pollack_Munch> [?]
[22:59] <Kian_Jorry> {hmmm...]
[23:00] <Event_Horizon> "unauthorized access - security countermesaures engaging"
[23:00] <Kian_Jorry> Oh, bugger.
[23:00] <Event_Horizon> "tracing.....5, 4"]
[23:00] <Event_Horizon> "3"
[23:00] <Kian_Jorry> [I'll try to leave the system as unobtrusively as possible]
[23:00] <Event_Horizon> "2"
[23:00] <Event_Horizon> "1"
[23:00] <Kian_Jorry> Let's go!
[23:00] <Pollack_Munch> [ Event_Horizon : COuld you roll using A_Net_Dice, pls ? ]
[23:00] <Pollack_Munch> what ? mmh .. okay
[23:00] <Event_Horizon> the computer restarts
[23:01] <Event_Horizon> sure
[23:01] <Pollack_Munch> to our quarters ?
[23:01] * Kian_Jorry takes off
[23:01] <Kian_Jorry> No, to medical- let's check on Dervil
[23:01] * Pollack_Munch follows Kian
[23:01] <Kian_Jorry> Nice and casual, OK?
[23:01] <Event_Horizon> you go to medical, where the doctor is in surgery, and Dervil looks like he may make it
[23:01] <Pollack_Munch> ok .. shit, do they know we used that terminal ?
[23:02] <Kian_Jorry> They know somebody tried to look at security, that's all
[23:02] <Kian_Jorry> No prob.
[23:02] <Event_Horizon> you see another screen that flashes "GO TO THE BASE BEFORE THEY DISCOVER YOU"
[23:02] * TerroX ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[23:02] * ChanServ sets mode +o TerroX
[23:02] <Pollack_Munch> hope so .. well .. Dervil's should make it
[23:02] <Event_Horizon> hey look who is here!@
[23:02] <Kian_Jorry> Let's hope so! He didn't look ver good [!]
[23:02] <Pollack_Munch> [ I see it ?$
[23:02] * TerroX is now known as Dervil_Wegur
[23:03] <Event_Horizon> this time you all see it
[23:03] <Pollack_Munch> [ all in med lab ? ]
[23:03] <Event_Horizon> you are supossed to meet with Gallant in 3.5 hrs
[23:03] <Event_Horizon> yea
[23:03] <Pollack_Munch> [ aren't we in the base , ]
[23:03] <Pollack_Munch> ?
[23:03] <Kian_Jorry> Anyone here?
[23:04] <Event_Horizon> doctor patches up Dervil and he becomes consious
[23:04] <Kian_Jorry> Not THAT base.
[23:04] <Kian_Jorry> Well, Servil, feeling better
[23:04] <Dervil_Wegur> yawn... *stretches
[23:04] <Kian_Jorry> [UGH! keyboard!]
[23:04] <Dervil_Wegur> where am I?
[23:04] <Pollack_Munch> uhmm .. you got hit pretty bad
[23:05] <Kian_Jorry> Not Kansas. You had a very close encounter with a badguy.
[23:05] <Pollack_Munch> you're in the med lab ..
[23:05] <Pollack_Munch> don't worry, you'll make it
[23:05] <Dervil_Wegur> what about that monster?
[23:06] <Kian_Jorry> Good question. On tp of that, somebody wants a date with us. Feel like coming?
[23:06] <Dervil_Wegur> ok
[23:06] <Event_Horizon> you return to your quarters and don your E-suits.
[23:06] <Kian_Jorry> Pollack, we should try to make this date.
[23:07] <Pollack_Munch> yup ..
[23:07] <Event_Horizon> when you get to the airlock, Kian opens the door and you all go through
[23:07] <Kian_Jorry> I'll put the message X3d in an ouside pocket]
[23:07] <Pollack_Munch> I have a backpack ..
[23:07] <Kian_Jorry> Okay, I have th coordinates..
[23:07] <Event_Horizon> you think that it will take about half an hour each way
[23:07] <Pollack_Munch> Good, let's move
[23:08] <Kian_Jorry> [some way along, I'll drop the message X3d so it can't be found]
[23:08] <Pollack_Munch> ok, fine ..
[23:08] <Event_Horizon> When you arrive, you see a jetisoned canister sitting next to a rock
[23:08] <Pollack_Munch> Hope they didn't notice us leaving ..
[23:09] * Dervil_Wegur looks at it
[23:09] <Kian_Jorry> Hmm. Well, what litterbugs they are.
[23:09] <Event_Horizon> the rock is very large and upon inspection appears to be flickering in one corner
[23:09] * Dervil_Wegur looks at it the rock
[23:09] <Event_Horizon> through it you can see s hatch
[23:09] <Pollack_Munch> What that's flickery thing again ?
[23:09] <Kian_Jorry> Probably another hologram.
[23:09] <Pollack_Munch> can you check ?
[23:10] <Dervil_Wegur> Need some anti-hologram glasses
[23:10] <Kian_Jorry> [I'll try the hatch]
[23:10] <Dervil_Wegur> I'll check
[23:10] <Dervil_Wegur> ok
[23:10] <Event_Horizon> it is a hologram, and this one has no matter, so you can walk through it
[23:10] <Event_Horizon> the hatch opens down into an airlock
[23:10] <Dervil_Wegur> should we go in
[23:10] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. on our toes
[23:10] <Kian_Jorry> We'll learn nothing if we don't. Coming?
[23:11] <Pollack_Munch> [ we told Dervil about what happened underway, good ? ]
[23:11] <Dervil_Wegur> Sure dude
[23:11] <Pollack_Munch> yah ..
[23:11] * Kian_Jorry enters
[23:11] <Event_Horizon> you enter the facility cautiously, noticing that you are on a large deck
[23:11] * Dervil_Wegur enters the tunnel
[23:11] <Dervil_Wegur> Looks like a ship!
[23:12] <Kian_Jorry> Maybe; a deck's a deck.
[23:12] <Event_Horizon> after you have closed the airlock, you hear two guards enter and you see that they are both carrying weapons
[23:12] <Pollack_Munch> draws SMG
[23:12] <Kian_Jorry> [oh, goody]
[23:12] <Event_Horizon> they dont appear to have noticed you
[23:12] <Event_Horizon> skill?
[23:12] <Pollack_Munch> SMG
[23:12] <Event_Horizon> thanks. What level?
[23:13] * Dervil_Wegur draws SMG
[23:13] <Pollack_Munch> [ 2 ]
[23:13] <Event_Horizon> d20
[23:13] * A_Net_Dice rolls (d20) for Event_Horizon and gets 16.
[23:13] <Pollack_Munch> [ failure ]
[23:13] <Event_Horizon> (14/7/3, right?
[23:13] <Pollack_Munch> [ yup ]
[23:14] <Event_Horizon> you fire and the two guards look suprised as they draw their weapons to shoot you
[23:14] <Pollack_Munch> but I wasn't going to fire !
[23:14] <Event_Horizon> ooops
[23:14] <Event_Horizon> okay then you didnt firre
[23:14] <Pollack_Munch> [ does drw SMG mean I fire ?
[23:14] <Event_Horizon> NO YOU DID NOT FIRE
[23:14] <Kian_Jorry> [;-)]
[23:14] <Event_Horizon> you DRAW
[23:14] <Pollack_Munch> [ sorry .. language issue :) ]
[23:15] <Dervil_Wegur> psst, guys, should we kill them?.
[23:15] <Event_Horizon> no my fault
[23:15] <Kian_Jorry> not yet; we may have been invited.
[23:15] <Pollack_Munch> naah .. shh there might be more
[23:16] <Event_Horizon> the guards walk around the room, paying attention only to their conversation and then leave having not seen you
[23:16] <Kian_Jorry> Observant, aren't they?
[23:16] <Pollack_Munch> okay, c'mon ..
[23:16] <Event_Horizon> on the other side of the room, you see a fraal stand up from behind a desk
[23:16] * Dervil_Wegur checks to see if he is invisible.
[23:16] <Event_Horizon> [neyarra]
[23:17] <Neyarra> The Rookies, i presume?
[23:17] <Kian_Jorry> Quite possibly. Have you been talking to us?
[23:17] <Dervil_Wegur> YES!
[23:17] <Event_Horizon> [ no ]
[23:17] <Kian_Jorry> [Heheh!]
[23:17] <Pollack_Munch> [ grr .. ]
[23:17] <Event_Horizon> [ but he has recieved similar messages ]
[23:18] <Pollack_Munch> You .. were expecting us ?
[23:18] <Neyarra> I sent the 3d you found
[23:18] <Kian_Jorry> Well, I suppose introductions are in order..
[23:18] <Pollack_Munch> oow .. are we safe here ?
[23:19] <Kian_Jorry> I'm Kian, and these tow bigguns are Pollach and Dervil.
[23:19] <Event_Horizon> Kian notices the many computers on the many desks in the room
[23:19] <Kian_Jorry> and we have the pleasure of meeting...?
[23:19] <Neyarra> Neyarra.
[23:19] <Kian_Jorry> {ooooh!]
[23:19] <Kian_Jorry> {mmm, computers!]
[23:19] <Pollack_Munch> Neyarra, are we safe ?
[23:20] <Pollack_Munch> Tell us more!
[23:20] <Neyarra> not here. (I lead you to a back room and shut the door)
[23:20] * Kian_Jorry follows
[23:21] <Event_Horizon> this room was once a storage room of some kind
[23:21] <Pollack_Munch> so, why are we here ??
[23:21] <Dervil_Wegur> yeah
[23:21] <Event_Horizon> [ you both recieved the same message from the same unidentified guy that you havent met ]
[23:22] <Event_Horizon> and you think that each other sent the message
[23:22] <Pollack_Munch> [ ok .. ]
[23:22] <Pollack_Munch> Why did you send us that message ?
[23:22] <Kian_Jorry> I didn't think Fraal were into overdramatics...
[23:22] <Neyarra> To discuss the GA presense in this excon territory
[23:23] <Neyarra> [hae this chat program]
[23:23] <Kian_Jorry> {you'll get used to it]
[23:23] <Pollack_Munch> [ exxon you mean ? ]
[23:23] <Event_Horizon> Kian's curiosity gets the best of him as he quietly goes back into the main room and turns on a computer, which he is delighted to find has no password protection
[23:23] <Neyarra> [oops yeah]
[23:23] <Kian_Jorry> {mwhahahahaa!]
[23:24] <Pollack_Munch> [ Kian_Jorry : freak ! ]
[23:24] <Pollack_Munch> what is the GA up to, Neyarra ?
[23:24] <Kian_Jorry> [You betcha! OK, event, I'll start to play; what's here?]
[23:24] <Dervil_Wegur> [ tip no.1, never miss the start of a game ]
[23:24] <Event_Horizon> there are links to staff mail, project folder, and staff roster
[23:25] <Neyarra> They are in the process of testing a new type of weapon- a deadly form of hologram.
[23:25] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. so I see ..
[23:25] <Kian_Jorry> [right; first I'll take a llok at the projects, then the mail]
[23:25] <Dervil_Wegur> deadly holograms!, that's just not right!
[23:25] <Event_Horizon> projects folder has only one document, the same document that was on the emitter X3D
[23:25] <Neyarra> it was that that attacked you in the tunnels and killed the miners. The Ga is testing it, possibly as we speak, at this very moment.
[23:26] <Kian_Jorry> [OK, I'll read it]
[23:26] <Event_Horizon> it is just program code like before
[23:26] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. devious plan ..
[23:26] <Pollack_Munch> we're in the middle of nowhere ..
[23:26] <Kian_Jorry> [right, staffmail next, particularly the bigwigs' accounts]
[23:27] <Pollack_Munch> maybe we can better head back now we know who's behind this !
[23:27] <Event_Horizon> you can only get into this user's email, which has nothing of consequence
[23:27] <Dervil_Wegur> So Neyarra, been around long?
[23:27] <Kian_Jorry> humph.
[23:27] <Event_Horizon> there is only staff roster next
[23:27] <Kian_Jorry> [let's take a look...]
[23:28] <Pollack_Munch> maybe we can better head back now we know who's behind this ! No ? [ Are we to sabotage this ? ]
[23:28] <Neyarra> not really. i arrived in a small pod, but i need your help to complete my plan of nabbing a shuttle and hitchhiking out of here.
[23:28] <Event_Horizon> among the list... Harvey, Daniel and Gallant, Peter
[23:28] <Pollack_Munch> alright .. we'll help
[23:28] <Pollack_Munch> how and when ?
[23:29] <Event_Horizon> you also notice that there is a map that shows the shuttle bay two floors down
[23:29] <Kian_Jorry> [can I print this map?]
[23:29] <Pollack_Munch> Dervil .. you're up to the challenge ?
[23:29] <Event_Horizon> you upload it to your nanocomputer
[23:29] <Neyarra> as soon as possible.
[23:29] <Kian_Jorry> [even better]
[23:29] <Kian_Jorry> [that everything?]
[23:30] <Event_Horizon> the elevator opens and the two guards step out again
[23:30] <Pollack_Munch> righto .. how many guards are around here ?
[23:30] <Pollack_Munch> [ into the back room ? ]
[23:30] * Pollack_Munch hides SMG ..
[23:30] <Dervil_Wegur> Agh!, yeah Im ready
[23:30] <Event_Horizon> no, but Kian left the door open when he went to the computer
[23:31] <Pollack_Munch> [ ok .. ]
[23:31] <Kian_Jorry> [D'oh! :-)]
[23:31] <Event_Horizon> guard: "hey, that door shouldnt be open"
[23:31] <Neyarra> ::hand strays near rapier hilt::
[23:31] * Kian_Jorry hides and pulls knife
[23:31] * Pollack_Munch walks next to the door ..
[23:31] * Dervil_Wegur hand on SMG
[23:31] <Pollack_Munch> out of sight ..
[23:31] <Kian_Jorry> [I'll go for one when he passes me]
[23:31] * Dervil_Wegur hides.
[23:31] <Neyarra> ::hides::
[23:31] <Event_Horizon> the first guard checks the rest of the room while the second approaches the back room.
[23:32] <Kian_Jorry> {go away, go away...]
[23:32] <Event_Horizon> He enters and looks around, but can t see you
[23:32] <Pollack_Munch> [ hehe, suckers ]
[23:32] <Event_Horizon> he is looking around with his weapon drawn
[23:33] <Kian_Jorry> [walk away and live...]
[23:33] <Event_Horizon> looks deeper into the room...
[23:33] <Dervil_Wegur> [mess with us, expect pain]
[23:33] * Kian_Jorry tightens grip on knife...
[23:33] <Event_Horizon> notices Dervil behind a box
[23:34] <Kian_Jorry> [oh, bugger]
[23:34] <Event_Horizon> "HEY!"
[23:34] * Pollack_Munch grabs SMG
[23:34] <Neyarra> [shatter back guard]
[23:34] * Dervil_Wegur AGHR!, I lunge toward him, tackling
[23:34] <Neyarra> d20
[23:34] * A_Net_Dice rolls (d20) for Neyarra and gets 7.
[23:34] <Event_Horizon> the other guard runs toward you
[23:34] <Kian_Jorry> [I'll stab at him when he gets in range]
[23:34] <Pollack_Munch> stands up .. ready to fire ..
[23:34] <Event_Horizon> skill?
[23:34] <Neyarra> reflex check- get rapier out? d20
[23:34] <Dervil_Wegur> [I want to take one guard down
[23:34] <Kian_Jorry> knife 1
[23:35] <Neyarra> d20
[23:35] * A_Net_Dice rolls (d20) for Neyarra and gets 2.
[23:35] <Event_Horizon> you had it out
[23:35] <Event_Horizon> nice
[23:35] <Kian_Jorry> str9
[23:35] <Neyarra> [oops]
[23:35] <Event_Horizon> you cut his throat and he falls quietly
[23:35] <Event_Horizon> the other guard runs around a desk to see Kian
[23:35] <Kian_Jorry> [who, Neyarra?]
[23:35] <Event_Horizon> yea
[23:36] * Kian_Jorry goes for him
[23:36] <Event_Horizon> knife skill?
[23:36] <Kian_Jorry> [the other guard, that is]
[23:36] <Kian_Jorry> 2
[23:36] <Event_Horizon> d20
[23:36] * A_Net_Dice rolls (d20) for Event_Horizon and gets 19.
[23:36] <Pollack_Munch> I run towards the other guard
[23:36] <Event_Horizon> you miss and he trips you
[23:36] <Kian_Jorry> [not good]
[23:36] <Kian_Jorry> oof!
[23:36] <Neyarra> I attempt pyrokinesis on other guard
[23:36] <Neyarra> d20
[23:36] * A_Net_Dice rolls (d20) for Neyarra and gets 19.
[23:37] <Neyarra> damn!
[23:37] <Kian_Jorry> [this guy's got the luck of the devil!]
[23:37] <Event_Horizon> Pollack suprises him.. what kind of attack?
[23:37] <Pollack_Munch> [can I slap the guard with my SMG ? ]
[23:37] <Event_Horizon> or you can fire
[23:37] <Pollack_Munch> [ might hit Kian, no ? ]
[23:37] <Event_Horizon> he is on ground
[23:37] <Pollack_Munch> ok, I fire !
[23:37] <Event_Horizon> skill?
[23:37] <Kian_Jorry> [not unless you're shooting the floor! :-)]
[23:37] <Pollack_Munch> SMG [ 14/7/3]
[23:37] * Dervil_Wegur attempts to hold him down
[23:38] <Event_Horizon> d20
[23:38] * A_Net_Dice rolls (d20) for Event_Horizon and gets 4.
[23:38] <Dervil_Wegur> [after the gunfire
[23:38] <Pollack_Munch> hehe :) [ Kian_Jorry : don't worry ]
[23:38] <Event_Horizon> he is shot in the chest and falls to the ground
[23:38] <Pollack_Munch> oof .. we got away easilty this time ..
[23:38] <Pollack_Munch> we'd better get out of here, Neyarra ?
[23:39] <Event_Horizon> a loudspeaker says "guards, report in now of I will send a team up there"
[23:39] <Neyarra> two floors down! hurry!
[23:39] <Kian_Jorry> There's a shuttle bay dowstairs
[23:39] <Pollack_Munch> crap .. ok, hurry !!
[23:39] * Dervil_Wegur runs! fat!
[23:39] <Pollack_Munch> Dervil, c'mon man ..
[23:39] <Event_Horizon> the elevator beeps (signaling that it has recieved in instruction
[23:39] <Dervil_Wegur> [fast, oops
[23:39] * Kian_Jorry kicks body
[23:39] <Pollack_Munch> [ hehe ]
[23:39] <Kian_Jorry> You could've lived, idiot!
[23:39] * Kian_Jorry follows others
[23:40] <Event_Horizon> neyarra dives at the elevator doors and manages to keep them open
[23:40] <Kian_Jorry> gottago, gottago, gottago...
[23:40] * Pollack_Munch enters
[23:40] <Dervil_Wegur> [oh]
[23:40] * Dervil_Wegur enters elevator
[23:40] * Kian_Jorry jumps in after
[23:40] <Event_Horizon> you all get in the elevator and proceed to the third floor down, where you see a small launch
[23:40] <Neyarra> get in!
[23:40] <Pollack_Munch> cool, can anyone fly this thing ??
[23:41] <Event_Horizon> there is a holographic roof that the ship can go through
[23:41] <Kian_Jorry> If not, it'll be one giant leap...
[23:41] <Event_Horizon> anyone have vech op?
[23:41] <Dervil_Wegur> NOpe... I can only drive cars
[23:41] <Dervil_Wegur> [poorly]
[23:41] <Pollack_Munch> [ I don't .. ]
[23:41] <Event_Horizon> kian has untrained
[23:41] <Kian_Jorry> just ordinary vehivcle op.
[23:41] <Dervil_Wegur> me too
[23:42] <Kian_Jorry> well, let's have a look, eh?
[23:42] <Kian_Jorry> Shouldn't be too difficult...
[23:42] * Dervil_Wegur looks at all the switches..
[23:42] <Pollack_Munch> hope so
[23:42] <Event_Horizon> Kian notices a small strange looking computer port at the pilot console
[23:42] <Kian_Jorry> Mmm-hmm, what have we here?
[23:42] * Kian_Jorry takes a look
[23:43] <Event_Horizon> Neyarra notices that is the same shape as a small box that he was given by CyberDyne
[23:43] <Pollack_Munch> Any bad guys in sight ? I have some rounds left :))
[23:43] <Event_Horizon> the box's cord will fit
[23:43] <Event_Horizon> no bad guys
[23:43] <Event_Horizon> yet
[23:43] <Pollack_Munch> [ I better keep my big mouth shut .. ]
[23:43] <Neyarra> There it is! i thought it lost!
[23:43] <Kian_Jorry> Well, let's give it some juice and see what shakes loose, eh?
[23:43] <Pollack_Munch> what 's up Neyarra ?
[23:43] <Neyarra> it has some of the information about the holograms i mentioned to you.
[23:44] <Dervil_Wegur> heh, yeah fire it up boys
[23:44] <Pollack_Munch> Kian_Jorry gogo !
[23:44] <Event_Horizon> { this is a different box }
[23:44] <Dervil_Wegur> Hey Neyara, got a hologram pilot?
[23:44] <Neyarra> [oops ::grins::]
[23:44] <Kian_Jorry> Would help
[23:44] <Event_Horizon> Kian manages to close the door to the ship and neyarra plugs in the box, which engages an autopilot
[23:44] <Pollack_Munch> cool ..!
[23:45] <Kian_Jorry> Aww, i wanted to crash it!
[23:45] <Event_Horizon> neyarra thinks to himslef "thats why they gave it to me when I said I couldn't fly"
[23:45] <Pollack_Munch> hehe
[23:46] <Dervil_Wegur> Autopilot kicks ass
[23:46] <Event_Horizon> as the ship begins to take off, a large door opens ahead of you and there are 8 guards
[23:46] <Pollack_Munch> weehaa!
[23:46] <Dervil_Wegur> [in the ship or outside?]
[23:46] * Kian_Jorry gives guards the finger through the port.
[23:46] <Event_Horizon> you see the pilot screen say "weapons armed" and then there is a bright explosion
[23:46] <Event_Horizon> outside
[23:46] <Event_Horizon> and the guards and part of the structure is gone
[23:46] <Pollack_Munch> some more gaurds inside out ? :)
[23:47] <Kian_Jorry> Aww, nasty!
[23:47] <Dervil_Wegur> Glad I'm not a guard no more
[23:47] <Event_Horizon> the inside is just one room - pilot at the front and passengers at the back
[23:47] * Pollack_Munch relaxes ..
[23:47] <Kian_Jorry> They were dupes, just like the miners. bastards!
[23:48] * Kian_Jorry takes a seat
[23:48] <Event_Horizon> the ship launches and the autopilot says "destination: CyberDyne systems"
[23:48] <Pollack_Munch> CyberDyne ?
[23:48] <Kian_Jorry> hey Neyarra, this a good idea?
[23:48] <Pollack_Munch> What about our money ?
[23:48] <Dervil_Wegur> Ah crud, do we want to go ther?
[23:48] <Pollack_Munch> Our freaking money goddamn!
[23:48] <Neyarra> they are my emploers. i espect to collect.
[23:49] <Dervil_Wegur> Pfft, we'll get it later
[23:49] <Pollack_Munch> yeah .. we too
[23:49] <Kian_Jorry> Assuming they ever intended us to survive to claim our cheques?
[23:49] <Kian_Jorry> We could've just been the next test for those weapons.
[23:49] <Event_Horizon> after a few hours, the ship lands on Alpha Centauri, and you are met by ten soldier-looking guys and the exec that hired neyarra
[23:49] <Neyarra> it would not be good if a personnel who was supposed to be dead showed up asking for a check.
[23:49] * NPC_CommanderGallant ( has left #Alternity.GameRoom
[23:50] * NPC_exec ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[23:50] <Neyarra> perhaps cyberdyne will employ you.
[23:50] <Dervil_Wegur> If they can afford us yeah.
[23:50] <NPC_exec> you have what I asked for?
[23:50] <Pollack_Munch> hehe, damn right Dervil_Wegur
[23:50] <Kian_Jorry> We ain't cheap, but we can be had.
[23:51] <Neyarra> yes boss.
[23:51] <Event_Horizon> he wants one of the X3Ds that Neyarra copied (they are all the same - program code)
[23:51] <NPC_exec> excellent. Here you go.
[23:51] * Kian_Jorry thinks of the one in his pocket...
[23:51] <Neyarra> inserts x3d in disc drive by autopilot::
[23:51] <Event_Horizon> hands you a 3D with bank info on it
[23:51] <Dervil_Wegur> Mmmmmmm blank.
[23:52] <Pollack_Munch> [ Kian : didn't you ditch it in the desert ? ]
[23:52] <Kian_Jorry> [no, just the one with the mysterious nmessage on it]
[23:52] <NPC_exec> now you have done good work. You know where to find me if you want another job
[23:52] <Event_Horizon> no he dropped the message one
[23:52] <Neyarra> Thank you.
[23:52] <Event_Horizon> BANK info, not blank info
[23:53] <Kian_Jorry> [heh!]
[23:53] <NPC_exec> oh, and I will be taking the ship now. You can use commerical transport now
[23:53] <Dervil_Wegur> [oops]
[23:53] <Event_Horizon> the soldiers walk on and take over.
[23:53] <Dervil_Wegur> commercial, man that's for chumps!
[23:53] <Neyarra> You have my grattitude for it's use.
[23:54] <Kian_Jorry> Come on, what about the spacedoughnuts?
[23:54] <Event_Horizon> you are all now without a ship and you have to get to Baylor to collect your money
[23:54] <Pollack_Munch> [ heh, how much did Neyarra get ? Did we see that ? :) ]
[23:54] <Dervil_Wegur> One day when I learn to fly through space I am gonna go with the solar winds.
[23:54] <Event_Horizon> on the 3D - 4000 credits
[23:55] <Dervil_Wegur> I guess we gotta get real cheap transport to Baylor, or send drivespace messages or something?
[23:55] <Dervil_Wegur> [can we get our money remotely?]
[23:55] <Kian_Jorry> Gratitude? neyarra, how about taking a short vacation to baylor with your new friends?
[23:55] <Pollack_Munch> yup, join the fun!
[23:55] <Neyarra> gladly.
[23:55] <Event_Horizon> you all pay 200 (remember that!!!!) to get to baylor, this time without spacedonughts
[23:56] <Kian_Jorry> [Boo! nned cheap suger substitute!]
[23:56] <Neyarra> [wines about doughnuts]
[23:56] <Pollack_Munch> [ 200! #WE_PAY ]
[23:56] <Event_Horizon> you dock and head to the exec's office, who is happy to see you
[23:56] <Kian_Jorry> [nice to see a smile]
[23:56] <Neyarra> [for once]
[23:56] <Pollack_Munch> Ahh .. told you we wouldn't disappoint ya!
[23:56] <Kian_Jorry> And have we got a tale for you...
[23:56] <NPC_exec> [ this is now the Exxon Exec
[23:57] <NPC_exec> do you have something for me?
[23:57] <Kian_Jorry> {gotcha]
[23:57] <Kian_Jorry> Oh, yes.
[23:57] <Dervil_Wegur> I believe so
[23:57] <NPC_exec> hand it here
[23:57] <Event_Horizon> he wants the X3D
[23:57] <Neyarra> ::hands him x3d::
[23:57] <NPC_exec> good. Now, what of the staff
[23:58] <Kian_Jorry> harvey's in the scheme up to his neck, I'm not sure about gallant.
[23:58] <Pollack_Munch> Others are involved ..
[23:58] <Kian_Jorry> Unless these weapons can be selectively targeted, i don't think he'd have gone against them.
[23:58] <Pollack_Munch> GA is behind it all
[23:58] <Neyarra> Ga to name one of them.
[23:58] <Pollack_Munch> They're testing a new kind of holograms ..
[23:58] <NPC_exec> alright. Take some time off and then return for work. you have been most helpful. Here is your reward.
[23:59] * Kian_Jorry hands over the other x3d
[23:59] <Kian_Jorry> that one comes from an active weapon unit.
[23:59] <Event_Horizon> hands over a 3D with bank infor
[23:59] <Kian_Jorry> {oooh, baby!]
[23:59] <NPC_exec> they are the same. thanks
[23:59] <NPC_exec> talk to you later
[23:59] * NPC_exec ( has left #Alternity.GameRoom
[23:59] * Kian_Jorry feels an overwhelming urge to nick the exac's pen
[23:59] <Pollack_Munch> how much's on it ?
[23:59] <Event_Horizon> you are escorted out of his office. The 3D has 6000 credits on it
[00:00] * Kian_Jorry but he resists it
[00:00] <Pollack_Munch> [ 6000 for us 3 ? ]
[00:00] <Dervil_Wegur> whoa we are starting to rack up some cash
[00:00] <Kian_Jorry> Well, surely getting shot at by super-weapons counts as hazardous duty?
[00:00] <Event_Horizon> come back later for work...
[00:00] <Dervil_Wegur> hey, maybe those hologram things can be attacked with virus's and stuff.
[00:00] <Neyarra> [us 4, i hope. if eh lets me join next time]
[00:01] <Pollack_Munch> [ Neyarra, you got paid ! ]
[00:01] <Kian_Jorry> One tactic, if one can get into the control system.
[00:01] <Event_Horizon> you are all 1 group now, if you want
[00:01] <Pollack_Munch> alright
[00:01] <Event_Horizon> THE END of "Dark Mines"

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