IRC Logs

[22:18] <Event> "Dark Mines, part 1,
[22:18] <Event> of 2
[22:18] <Event> Event Horizon episode 1x01
[22:18] <Event> welcome everyone
[22:19] <Event> You have all lived and worked on Baylor station for your whole life. Some of you have taken short vacations, bur for the most part you never leave the system. Unfortunately, you have been laid off. The night that you were fired, you all went to your favorite bar, the Luna Lounge, where you had seen each other before. After a few hours and a couple of drinks, you were all sitting together at a table when you were (some text missing)
[22:19] <Event> He comes up to your table and tells you that he couldn’t help overhear your conversation and he was once unemployed also. He said that the answer was to do something fun with your life – adventuring. He tells you that he knows a man (an Exxon Corp exec) who is putting together a mission. His name is William Benford, and you’re invited. Tomorrow at 9AM at the Exxon HQ (some text missing)
[22:19] <Event> You are all a bit skeptical about this man, but you have seen him before and you know that there are people like this… you have just never seen one. In any case, need the money and would like to do something interesting. You decide to go.
[22:20] <Event> The next morning, you go to Exxon and are escorted into a luxurious office with a man sitting in a large chair.
[22:20] * NPC_William ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:20] <Event> [tell me when you're ready to proceed
[22:20] <TerroX> [ready]
[22:21] <Starbrat> ready here
[22:21] <vempire_> ready
[22:21] <NPC_William> aah, yes. I see my associate has given me some fresh meat
[22:21] <NPC_William> *grin*
[22:22] <NPC_William> now, you are the ones interested in the investigative mission?
[22:22] <vempire_> Depends, what's it paying ?
[22:22] <Event> [ when talking out of character, use brackets ]
[22:22] <vempire_> [ ok ]
[22:22] <NPC_William> I seem to remember being told that you are unemployed
[22:23] <vempire_> sort of .. yes
[22:23] <Starbrat> Call it "between jobs"
[22:23] <TerroX> Oh yeah, been layed off recently and need some cash badly
[22:23] <NPC_William> Alright. I am offering work... a minimum of 5 jobs and more if you dont screw up
[22:23] <Starbrat> A contract? say on
[22:23] <vempire_> uhu .. we won't !
[22:23] <NPC_William> I will pay generously for success
[22:23] <TerroX> I dunno if I can take all five myself. he he
[22:24] <NPC_William> one at a time
[22:24] <Starbrat> How generous is generous, exactly?
[22:24] <vempire_> yes ? How generous ? ..
[22:25] <NPC_William> now these jobs will be somewhat covert. You will travel on commercial carriers and you must not allow anyone to know that you work for me
[22:25] <vempire_> no problem there ..
[22:25] <Starbrat> Sounds fair...
[22:25] <NPC_William> as a signing bonus and pre-mission cash I will give you 5000 credits
[22:26] <vempire_> *smiles*
[22:26] <TerroX> William, are you a registered businessman for this type of action? or do we get bonus danger pay for shady dealings? Not that I am saying you are a shady person.
[22:27] <TerroX> whoa, is that $5000 each?!
[22:27] <NPC_William> (punches some numbers on a pad on his desk and your nanocomuters tell you that they have access to a new bank account with 5000 in it
[22:27] <Starbrat> *raises eyebrow*
[22:27] <NPC_William> no that is 5000 total
[22:27] <NPC_William> and I dont need a liscense
[22:28] <NPC_William> this is common practice. Thousands just like you are employed all over the Concord
[22:28] <TerroX> alright, your the boss then!. what do we have to do now?.
[22:28] <NPC_William> now your first job is quite simple, I should think
[22:29] <NPC_William> we need you to investigate 2 murders
[22:29] <vempire_> mmh .. I see ..
[22:29] <Starbrat> What's wrong with the police?
[22:29] <NPC_William> they are at solar major
[22:30] <NPC_William> that is owned completely by companies and there is no law enforcement other than corporporate security
[22:30] <NPC_William> there are no planets in the system - just a BUNCH of asteroids
[22:30] <vempire_> What has a respectable enterprise as Exxon to do with this ?
[22:31] <vempire_> Not that I really need to know ..
[22:31] <NPC_William> its our largest mining facility
[22:31] * TerroX is now known as Dervil_Wegur
[22:31] * vempire_ is now known as Pollack_Munch
[22:31] <Pollack_Munch> I see ..
[22:31] <NPC_William> and there is a problem... our replicant workers are refusing to work and they are all gettnig guns, probably off of the black marker
[22:32] <NPC_William> market
[22:32] <Pollack_Munch> how many are we talking here ?
[22:32] * Starbrat is now known as Kian_Jorry
[22:32] <NPC_William> the miners? there are just over 10,000
[22:32] <Kian_Jorry> And what kind of guns?
[22:32] <NPC_William> but that is not the problem
[22:33] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, so I guess we bring our own equipment to the scene. will we expect zero-g or vacuum environments? I don't wanna be left in space with no suit.
[22:33] <Pollack_Munch> 10,000! And you can't keep them under control I assume ? Are they revolting ?
[22:33] <NPC_William> as you know, the Confederate charter makes it illegal for replicants to have guns
[22:33] <NPC_William> we dont want the government involved in this one
[22:34] <Kian_Jorry> Officialdom can be SO inconvenient..
[22:34] <NPC_William> you are to go and investigate the deaths of the two miners and find out why the workers are scared to work
[22:34] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, so I guess we bring our own equipment to the scene. will we expect zero-g or vacuum environments? I don't wanna be left in space with no suit.
[22:35] <NPC_William> we need that mining facility and the replacement replicants are not even ordered yet
[22:35] <NPC_William> so we send you
[22:36] <NPC_William> The asteroid that the facility is on has a crust of a ferrous metal, so magnetic boots will work. You may need a vacum suit
[22:36] <Pollack_Munch> We are supposed to look as "outsiders" or do we get Exxon badges ?
[22:37] <NPC_William> but the actual mines are all pressurized
[22:38] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, sounds good.
[22:38] <NPC_William> oh, we give you the Exxon badges. They will be waiting for you when you arrive. And dont worry about the workers - they are rejoycing that we are sending someone to help them
[22:38] <Pollack_Munch> good!
[22:38] <Kian_Jorry> Enter the rescuing heroes, eh?
[22:38] <NPC_William> you are booked tonight on a trader ship
[22:39] <Pollack_Munch> Heading directly towards the faciltity ?
[22:39] <NPC_William> here are the tickets (punches another few numbers and flisht information appears on your nanocomputers)
[22:39] <NPC_William> good luck
[22:39] <Pollack_Munch> *grabs ticket*
[22:39] <Dervil_Wegur> ok william. We will have to prepare our "tools"
[22:39] <NPC_William> now if you will excuse me, I have work to do
[22:39] <Kian_Jorry> And so, it appears, do we.
[22:39] <Pollack_Munch> indeed
[22:39] <Event> you are escorted out
[22:39] * NPC_William ( has left #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:40] <Pollack_Munch> mmh .. seems like an esy job huh ?
[22:40] * Dervil_Wegur says to Pollak and Kian "I need an e-suit, I might go and see if I can grab one"
[22:40] <Event> [whenever you are ready to go, tell me]
[22:40] <Pollack_Munch> Yup, and some boots!
[22:41] <Event> [ this is a good time to buy equipment ]
[22:41] <Dervil_Wegur> [I'm looking for an E-suit in some kind of e-suit selling shop.
[22:41] <Kian_Jorry> I think we all need some kitting out.
[22:41] <Pollack_Munch> [ where's the stash ? ]
[22:41] <Kian_Jorry> [in a joint account, it seems]
[22:41] <Dervil_Wegur> we have access to it via our cash card
[22:42] <Event> [ in a joint account ]
[22:42] <Dervil_Wegur> [probably needs all three authorisations to transact
[22:42] <Pollack_Munch> good .. he said we'd need these boots .. and e-suits ..
[22:43] <Pollack_Munch> arghh .. I hate leaving my precious armor behind, but I guess I don't have an option?
[22:43] <Event> [ keep track of money and equipment and tell me when you're ready ]
[22:43] <Event> why cant you bring it with you?
[22:43] <Event> they are going to give you a place to sleep and rest and keep your stuff on the base
[22:44] <Pollack_Munch> [ we all received 1666$ right ? ]
[22:44] <Dervil_Wegur> [soft e-suit (2500?) and magno boots ($50?)]
[22:44] <Event> if you want to do it that way
[22:44] <Pollack_Munch> [ 5000 / 3
[22:44] <Event> or you could just share
[22:44] <Event> there are some basic e-suits at the base that you can use
[22:45] <Pollack_Munch> cheap ones ?
[22:45] <Event> but if you want a better one, you buy it
[22:45] <Event> yea
[22:45] <Dervil_Wegur> I think we will have to share guys, we can afford an e-suit for each of us
[22:45] <Pollack_Munch> How much do the base suits cost ?
[22:45] <Kian_Jorry> Lokks like the only way to do it.
[22:46] <Event> you can use the ones that belong to the facility
[22:46] <Event> you break it , you buy is
[22:46] <Event> it
[22:47] <Dervil_Wegur> Actually men(?), we can all buy a jumpsuit and vacuum mask if we have to, that is about $1000 for both items
[22:47] <Pollack_Munch> I say we use the base e-suits ..
[22:47] <Dervil_Wegur> oh. now I get it
[22:47] <Dervil_Wegur> base as in asteroid base. sorry.
[22:47] <Kian_Jorry> But maybe we should keep one for when we don't want people to know when we're about.
[22:48] <Dervil_Wegur> yeah good plan
[22:48] <Dervil_Wegur> or we just take one and hide it!
[22:48] <Pollack_Munch> ahh .. c'mon, we'll be out there pretty soon, I'm sure
[22:48] <Kian_Jorry> They're likely to be logged.
[22:48] <Dervil_Wegur> Magnetic boots cost $350, i hope they got some of them too
[22:49] <Kian_Jorry> Be a losuy base without 'em.
[22:49] <Pollack_Munch> yup, they'll have it
[22:49] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, well Isay go with the cheap option, jumpsuit $750 and vacuum mask $200 (8 hours air) is easier to hide
[22:49] <Event> yes they have basic ones
[22:49] <Kian_Jorry> Sounds good to me.
[22:50] <Event> k good
[22:50] <Event> After debating all afternoon about e-suits, you almost miss your flight. You meet the captain and he shows you aboard his old trader and shows you to the bridge and the conference room, where you indulge in spacedonughts
[22:50] <Event> you set off and head for the jumpgate to sol
[22:50] <Pollack_Munch> [ mmh .. tasty ]
[22:50] <Dervil_Wegur> and 3 air candles for $25 each!
[22:51] <Dervil_Wegur> [whoops, crazy ranting by a psycho]
[22:51] <Kian_Jorry> Ah, Sol, the home of humanity.
[22:51] <Kian_Jorry> Ancient and wicked..gotta love it!
[22:51] <Event> a few hours later, you have arrived in Solar Minor, another major mining system, but much more people
[22:52] <Event> after avoiding a pirate, you get to the jumpgate and you arrive in Solar Major
[22:52] <Event> There is a star and a lot of asteroids and not much else
[22:52] <Dervil_Wegur> Crowded places make me feel safer. Something about small bases makes me feel like they have a bigger chance of breaking down.
[22:53] <Pollack_Munch> here at last ..
[22:53] <Kian_Jorry> Big places have more places to find things out, too.
[22:54] <Event> the trader makes its way through the asteroid field and finally reaches a large asteroid with a large crater. On the edge is a small base, and you land there
[22:54] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, lets help this company with it's problems. [gets ready to go onto asteroid base]
[22:54] <Pollack_Munch> [ entering Exxon facility ? ]
[22:54] <Kian_Jorry> Yep, time to go to work
[22:54] * NPC_CommanderGallant ( has joined #Alternity.GameRoom
[22:55] <Event> The head of secutiry, Commander Gallant, meets you
[22:55] <Pollack_Munch> Hi
[22:55] <Event> yes this is the Exxon facility
[22:55] <NPC_CommanderGallant> hello
[22:55] <Kian_Jorry> *nods*
[22:55] <Dervil_Wegur> Hello
[22:55] <NPC_CommanderGallant> (hands you Exxon security clerance badges)
[22:55] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I'm glad that HQ sent you
[22:55] <Dervil_Wegur> Thankyou commander.
[22:55] <Pollack_Munch> * takes badge *
[22:55] <Pollack_Munch> thanks ..
[22:56] <NPC_CommanderGallant> as you know, we've been having a unique situation
[22:56] * Dervil_Wegur puts badge on
[22:56] * Pollack_Munch as well
[22:56] <NPC_CommanderGallant> there is something down in the mines that has everyone scared.
[22:56] * Kian_Jorry take s a look at badge and dons it
[22:56] <Pollack_Munch> [ Can we carry guns (like SMG) here ? ]
[22:56] <NPC_CommanderGallant> and after the way that they found those bodies, I can't blame them....
[22:56] <Event> [yea}
[22:57] <Pollack_Munch> we heard about it ..
[22:57] <Dervil_Wegur> uh, commander. what do you mean 'something' ?
[22:57] <Kian_Jorry> Right, I think we'll want full autopsy reports.
[22:57] <NPC_CommanderGallant> like I said, after the way that they found those bodies...
[22:57] <Kian_Jorry> And an interview with a search team member.
[22:57] <Pollack_Munch> what was wrong with them ?
[22:58] <NPC_CommanderGallant> they were mauled - they were turned almost inside out
[22:58] <Dervil_Wegur> [i don't think they have forensics on call here, are ALL the miners replicants?]
[22:58] <NPC_CommanderGallant> yea
[22:58] <Kian_Jorry> [there must be some minimal med staff]
[22:58] <Pollack_Munch> was the area sealed off ?
[22:59] <NPC_CommanderGallant> minimal med staff, yes, but they dont know what caused this
[22:59] <NPC_CommanderGallant> it looks like a large animal
[22:59] <Kian_Jorry> So the injuries are considered the work of violence?
[22:59] <Kian_Jorry> Not accident?
[22:59] <NPC_CommanderGallant> no, the attack happened in one of the older mining areas, and no one saw it happen
[23:00] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we just dont know... thats what you are here for=
[23:00] <Dervil_Wegur> Shit man, you got animals on this lifeless rock!? we have to protect these people (forgetting they are replicants).
[23:00] <NPC_CommanderGallant> the miners were just standing next to some others and when the others turned around, they were just lying ther
[23:00] <Kian_Jorry> OK, OK, who found the bodies?
[23:01] <Pollack_Munch> mmh, the corpses are still lying there ??
[23:01] <NPC_CommanderGallant> no they were taken to medical
[23:01] <Pollack_Munch> Can we examine them first ?
[23:02] <Pollack_Munch> Just have a look ..
[23:02] <NPC_CommanderGallant> theres not much left to examine
[23:02] <Pollack_Munch> Okay, so we head down there, right ?
[23:03] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I'll take you there after I show you your quarters
[23:03] <Kian_Jorry> Fair enough.
[23:03] <Pollack_Munch> ..
[23:03] <NPC_CommanderGallant> (he leads you through a series of hallways to an area marked "guest quarters)
[23:03] * Pollack_Munch has a bad feeling about this ..
[23:03] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, we are allowed to carry weapons here? I have a bulldog 9mm SMG charge and charge pistol
[23:03] <NPC_CommanderGallant> yea sure
[23:04] <Pollack_Munch> [ yes, he said so earlier ]
[23:04] <Dervil_Wegur> [doh]
[23:04] * Dervil_Wegur unloads gear
[23:04] * Pollack_Munch puts attack armor in safe locker ?
[23:04] <Event> the quarters are rustic, but they work and are perfect for sleeping in and storing gear
[23:04] * Kian_Jorry takes a look about; looking for a computer terminal
[23:05] <Dervil_Wegur> /me is equipped with 2 bulldog charge SMG 9mm clips
[23:05] <Dervil_Wegur> Bulldog SMG 9mm
[23:05] <Dervil_Wegur> Holdout pistol 9mm
[23:05] <Dervil_Wegur> Pulse baton
[23:05] <Dervil_Wegur> Cellular communicator
[23:05] <Pollack_Munch> [ hehe, if the locker is big enough :) ]
[23:05] <Dervil_Wegur> [sorry]
[23:05] <Event> there is no computer terminal in the quarters, but there is one in one of the hallways
[23:05] <Kian_Jorry> [thanks]
[23:06] <NPC_CommanderGallant> now lets go to med--
[23:06] <Event> ( an alarm sounds)
[23:06] <Kian_Jorry> What war you just discharged from, Dervil?
[23:06] <NPC_CommanderGallant> crap come on!!
[23:06] <Pollack_Munch> alarm ??
[23:06] <Kian_Jorry> heh; that was fast.
[23:06] <Dervil_Wegur> crap, no time for my history lets move
[23:06] * Pollack_Munch follwos the Commander .. armed and ready ..
[23:06] * Kian_Jorry follows the commander, knife drawn
[23:06] * Dervil_Wegur runs with commander as well. SMG in hand
[23:07] <Kian_Jorry> What's going on!
[23:07] <NPC_CommanderGallant> ( he leads you to an elevator, which opens, revealing five security guards in body armor. You get in and the elevator heads down
[23:07] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we just had another accident
[23:07] <Dervil_Wegur> Going down!
[23:07] <Kian_Jorry> All the way...
[23:07] <Dervil_Wegur> [lol]
[23:08] <NPC_CommanderGallant> this time is was a security guard on patroll... we dit it so the workers would think its safe
[23:08] <NPC_CommanderGallant> he was just discovered
[23:08] <Pollack_Munch> let's move, quick !
[23:08] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, is he still alive?
[23:09] <Event> the elevator opens into a dark maze, and the guards go ruinning in one direction, weapons drawn
[23:09] * Pollack_Munch holds flashlight
[23:09] <Event> (not that dark)
[23:09] <Pollack_Munch> [ heh :) ]
[23:09] <Event> you follow and come to a body... or it almost looks like a body
[23:10] * Pollack_Munch checks the surroundings ..
[23:10] * Dervil_Wegur looks around, holding SMG pointed downward. thinking... then looks at body
[23:10] * Kian_Jorry approaches gingerly, looking a bit green
[23:10] <Event> there is body armor (CF from the looks of it) that has been torn to shreads
[23:10] * Dervil_Wegur stands guarding while others inspect corpse.
[23:10] <NPC_CommanderGallant> DAMNIT
[23:11] <Kian_Jorry> [can I unwrap the corpse with my knife?]
[23:11] <Kian_Jorry> {the clothing shreds, I mean]
[23:11] <Pollack_Munch> shh ..
[23:11] <Event> there is kind of body parts everywhere in a six foot diameter
[23:11] <Pollack_Munch> [ do we hear anything ususual ? ]
[23:11] <Pollack_Munch> [ unusual ]
[23:11] * Kian_Jorry swallows heavily, looking greener
[23:11] <Event> no, nothing other than your echo
[23:12] <Pollack_Munch> Kian, chill .. it's outta here by now
[23:12] <Kian_Jorry> [Is is just dismembered, or utterly shredded?]
[23:12] <Dervil_Wegur> maybe it like to watch?
[23:12] <Kian_Jorry> I'm okay.
[23:12] <Pollack_Munch> [ sadist ! :) ]
[23:12] <NPC_CommanderGallant> the only way out is that elevator, and no one has used it
[23:13] <Pollack_Munch> and the paths lead deeper into the mines, right ?
[23:13] <Event> Pollack Munch hears a brief gust of wind down one of the tunnels
[23:13] <Kian_Jorry> [event, are there any wounds in particular, or am I looking at soup?]
[23:13] <Pollack_Munch> Guys, do you hear that ?
[23:13] <Event> yes, there are 5 tunnels from where you are standing
[23:13] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what?
[23:13] <Pollack_Munch> these winds .. in that tunnel *pointing*
[23:14] <Kian_Jorry> You get much wind down here, commander?
[23:14] <NPC_CommanderGallant> check it out
[23:14] <NPC_CommanderGallant> *draws his gun*
[23:14] <Dervil_Wegur> nope, sorry pollack, must be just you.
[23:14] <Pollack_Munch> alright .. proceeds cautious towards tunnel
[23:14] <Dervil_Wegur> Um. are we all going or spliting up?
[23:14] <Pollack_Munch> Dervil, I'm sure I heard something ..
[23:14] <Event> some of the security guards start heading down the tunnel with Gallant
[23:15] <NPC_CommanderGallant> stick together
[23:15] <Pollack_Munch> I'm right there ..
[23:15] * Kian_Jorry follows the others
[23:15] <Dervil_Wegur> ok, I am coming too. [walks with everyone]
[23:15] <Kian_Jorry> [is there any blood or other trace on these walls? Stuff underfoot etc?]
[23:16] <Event> you all hear gunshots behind, and turn around to see one of the security team fall down, decapitated and armorcut open
[23:17] <Dervil_Wegur> oh dear
[23:17] <Kian_Jorry> hellandamnation!
[23:17] <NPC_CommanderGallant> back!
[23:17] * Dervil_Wegur runs back!
[23:17] <Pollack_Munch> run!
[23:18] * Kian_Jorry follows Dervil back
[23:18] <Event> Wergur, wanting to protect his rear, checks behind him to see a little girl crying in a corner of the tunnel that you were just in
[23:18] <Dervil_Wegur> shit, i gotta save that girl! (yelling)
[23:18] <Kian_Jorry> OK, don't spook her.
[23:18] * Dervil_Wegur stops and turns to save girl.
[23:18] <Kian_Jorry> Dervil!
[23:18] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what? what are you doing? who is she?
[23:18] <Pollack_Munch> I'll cover you ..
[23:19] <Pollack_Munch> quick!
[23:19] <Kian_Jorry> Don't charge after the kid; be gentle.
[23:19] <Kian_Jorry> The last thing she needs is a gun-toting monster after her.
[23:19] <Dervil_Wegur> Pfffft, no time for gentleness! (tries to run and grab girl quick)
[23:19] * Kian_Jorry stands behind ready in case she bolts
[23:20] <Kian_Jorry> One of yours, commander?
[23:20] <Event> the little girl morphs quite quickly into something large that you have never seen before and throws Wergur back 10 meters. He loses 4 points of stun damage from getting the wind knocked out of hum
[23:20] <Pollack_Munch> !!
[23:20] <Kian_Jorry> oh, bugger.
[23:20] <Dervil_Wegur> oooooof
[23:21] * Dervil_Wegur looks totally confused
[23:21] <Event> Wergur, while flying, manages to knock over everyone in the tunnel
[23:21] <Pollack_Munch> draws SMG at 'thing'
[23:21] <Event> when you look up again, it is gone
[23:21] <Pollack_Munch> [ ok, falls over then :) ]
[23:21] <Kian_Jorry> ooof!
[23:21] <Pollack_Munch> Dervil, you alright ?
[23:21] <Kian_Jorry> Typical.
[23:21] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what the hell was that?
[23:21] * Kian_Jorry gets up to help up Dervil
[23:21] <Pollack_Munch> No fucking idea ...
[23:22] <Kian_Jorry> Shapeshifting space monsters. typical.
[23:22] <Pollack_Munch> [ are you guys okay with the f word ? ]
[23:22] <Event> one of the security guards, upon getting up, starts firing his rifle down the tunnel
[23:22] <Dervil_Wegur> fucked if I know what that was. yeah I'm fine.
[23:22] <Event> he is frantic
[23:22] <Kian_Jorry> {heheh! no problem with language]
[23:22] <Dervil_Wegur> HEY YOU! STOP FIRING!
[23:23] <Event> the other guards soon join in
[23:23] <Pollack_Munch> [ >> frantic ? ]
[23:23] <NPC_CommanderGallant> STOP FIRING
[23:23] <Pollack_Munch> [ okok ]
[23:23] * Kian_Jorry tries to see past muzzle flash at their target
[23:24] <Pollack_Munch> damn .. we'd better get back in the elevator and find some way to trap it !
[23:24] <Dervil_Wegur> well I guess it's gone now, which is good.. I say we evacuate the base!
[23:24] <Event> there is a bright flash and small explosion 20 meters down on one wall, and you see a body
[23:24] <Dervil_Wegur> We'd need bait for that.
[23:24] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we cant evac
[23:24] <Dervil_Wegur> shit!
[23:24] <Kian_Jorry> [behind us or before?]
[23:24] <NPC_CommanderGallant> get it
[23:24] <Pollack_Munch> get what ?
[23:25] <Dervil_Wegur> I aint going down there, it could be a shape-shifting monster again!
[23:25] <Event> the guards, still frantic, quickly reload and run to put a clip each into the body that you found
[23:25] <Kian_Jorry> {od great; destroy what evidence we have]
[23:25] <Event> the body is lying on its back and it is obviously shot. There is green blood everywhere
[23:25] <Dervil_Wegur> Commander, your guards are nuts!
[23:25] <Kian_Jorry> [green blood?]
[23:26] <Dervil_Wegur> shit someone hit it
[23:26] <Dervil_Wegur> or is this a replicant?
[23:26] <Pollack_Munch> Why can't we evac goddamn ? [Screams at Commander]
[23:26] <Event> no - it is a LARGE thing... unlike anything that you've EVER dreamed of
[23:27] <Pollack_Munch> We'll blast our way through if we need ..
[23:27] <NPC_CommanderGallant> we killed it
[23:27] * Kian_Jorry approaches VERY cautiously
[23:27] <Kian_Jorry> Don't you believe it.
[23:27] * Kian_Jorry stops five metres away and squats down to inspect the body
[23:27] <Kian_Jorry> [what am I looking at?]
[23:28] * Pollack_Munch overlooking the situation ..
[23:28] <Dervil_Wegur> How tall would that thing stand?
[23:28] <Event> upon approaching, you notice that part of the wall is still broken (it was an electrical device of some kind and it ws hit by the guard fire
[23:28] <NPC_CommanderGallant> what is that thing?
[23:28] <Dervil_Wegur> Some check that wall, may need repairs
[23:28] <Kian_Jorry> Probably ypur bad guy.
[23:29] <Pollack_Munch> Electrical 'stuff' ? WTF ?
[23:29] <NPC_CommanderGallant> I've never seen it before
[23:29] <NPC_CommanderGallant> its not supossed to be here
[23:29] <Kian_Jorry> [what's the body like?]
[23:29] <Kian_Jorry> Well, it's here alright.
[23:29] <Kian_Jorry> And it may not be alone.
[23:29] <Event> it was deiguised as part of the rock, but now there are electrical flashes and one part is lying on the ground
[23:30] <Pollack_Munch> Kian, have a look at it ..
[23:30] <Kian_Jorry> Ok, OK...
[23:30] <Pollack_Munch> any idea what these could be for ?
[23:30] <Event> you hear a power down noise and the electrical stuff stops
[23:30] * Kian_Jorry takes a closer look at the devoce
[23:30] <Event> and then the body on the floor flickers and disapears
[23:30] <Dervil_Wegur> shit, hope the lights.. damn
[23:30] <Event> TO BE CONTINUED

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