Starport (Basic layout)Starport (Basic layout)

MorituriMax 06th Jul 2001

Okay.. I'm plopping this into the technology section instead of the Miscellaneous where I sometimes throw early work that looks good enough for people to see. This is a shot of a Starport on Athaline. Centerpiece of this is the Imperium-class Superdreadnought that calm thought was an itty bitty thing.. grin..

The basic spaceship right up front is one of the 100-meter cruisers from the SD. If you look at the lower hangar ring on the SD, you see one of them in the hangar to give you a sense of the size. 4.5 km in diamter. The golden brick at the foot of the SD is an exact scale model of the Empire State Building.

Still to come, starport buildings, other ships, traffic around the ships. Also visible by the 100-meter cruiser are 2 people, you can just make them out if you look.

So more to come!!!!
let me know what you think and any suggestions to make it look good.

125.6 kb, 960x720, 423 views, JPG


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I think it is a very good picture albeit a bit static an monotone perhaps. - by Estag_UVM on 25th Aug 2001
im inpressed... - by regulat0r on 11th Jan 2003

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