ShdwsOfDrknss 19th Feb 2001

This is an image of the Skrei, a race I designed for my campaign Shadows Of Darkness. This image was not made by me, I found it on a website and thought it would be perfect for a Skrei.

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Did you get permission from the Author of the image? - I don't think we should fill this space up with pictures from Art Gallery websites as we can find them ourselves easily enough, and it's illegal.

I would be better off in a resource, with a note about who the author is and where the image came from. - by TerroX on 20th Feb 2001
Have to agree with TerroX here (besides, many artists are quite happy to have their net-based art distributed, as long as the credit stays put). Anyway, it's a very atmospheric picture. - by Starbrat on 20th Feb 2001
Maybe, you wont read this, but I`ll put it here anyways. Either be shure theres approval to use this picture on this site or remove it! Could be a painful lesson otherwise.. a friendly advise. - by Naits on 05th Oct 2001
Oh, my god! That is my picture! You jerk! I'm gonna sue you for that!

Not really... - by kazer91 on 17th Dec 2001
I dunno if you can get your approval for this pic....its called Species 8472 courtesy of the Borg, in Star Trek Voyager...(all rights reserved) hehe
- by azrharn on 09th Aug 2003

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