Tig speciesTig species

TerroX 19th Feb 2001

A perspective view of a Tig - an advanced alien race from beyond known space...

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This was created by me, I own it - you cannot have it.. All models, textures and ideas are original junk copyrighted by me...
This image is not allowed to be displayed outside of Alternity.Net unless I allow it. Sorry. - by TerroX on 19th Feb 2001
I love these guys. I can't help thinking that they have a radiolateral ancestor not too far back in their ancestry. - by Starbrat on 23rd Apr 2001
Nark! I'd love to see an animation of this lanky beast. And TerroX, calm down man.. are you a lawyer or som'ink? - by calm on 08th Jun 2001
How large are Tigs in feet or meters? - by kazer91 on 17th Dec 2001

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