Warrior TigWarrior Tig

TerroX 20th Feb 2001

Too much tig! - This is a warrior, skin colour is slightly different, carapace grafted weapons for close combat, energy pistol... Could be trouble.

As usual, this image is copyright by me, not allowed outside Alternity.Net or in print.

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he he... Bonus APs for anyone who can view the image - I did, it is 800x600. - by TerroX on 20th Feb 2001
I viewed it. Had to reconfig my display, but I viewed it. How many points do I get?

Anyway, I realy like this (as I do any pic of a Tig!). Big, scary and psychedelic. What more can one ask for? - by Starbrat on 20th Feb 2001
1 point + 1 bonus point for display reconfig and good roleplaying = 2AP for Starbrat - by TerroX on 23rd Feb 2001
Cool image, what software package are you using - by giogi on 07th Nov 2001

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