MarsDome 1MarsDome 1

blaster219 06th Sep 2001

Located 300 klicks North-East of Lowell City, MarsDome is one of the few European installations on the planet. It also the only British outpost on Mars.

Currently docked is the Canberra, a starship operated by the Australian arm of the Anglo-Australian Joint-Space-Force.

There's a lot of clouds in this image, perhaps the American terraforming attempt is ahead of schedule.

Although i've done a lot of fantasy lanscapes (see for some examples) this is the first overtly sci-fi image i've done.

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Very nice .. which program did you use ? Bryce ? - by vempire on 07th Sep 2001
No, Vue d'Esprit 2. - by blaster219 on 08th Sep 2001
Never heard of it, but good to know :) - by vempire on 09th Sep 2001

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