Incoming Fire!Incoming Fire!

MorituriMax 27th Jun 2001

Athaline Bridge: "Scans show an anomoly off the..... SIR! Incoming! Shields Up! We have a Kellee Fortress Ship in ambush mode." As the Alianhya Galprhri opens up with it's main gun the three Athaline Imperium-class SD's go to full drive and two of them get their shields up. The one in the foreground is seen taking a direct hit on it's shields, which at 12% strength are surely going to go down at the next strike. The SD in the background takes a near miss from another Kellee unit. "kellee" is athaline slang for Kuronar Elective. If the SD's can survive long enough the hangar doors studding its hull will unload an unpleasant counter punch in the form of 96 Light Cruisers and 144 fighter hangars worth of small lethal minnows.

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Colorful. Perhaps too colourful? I do like the story you have given the picture, and the scene does look very active. It's a great setting. But...

I'm sorry, but I don't like the look of those ships. They just don't look real. Unless they are the size of a small planetoid, possessing their own natural gravity!

Also, you have set the ships all on the same plane. (ie. they are all facing upwards.) I guess this might be because they have just entered from the same direction, but then they shouldn't be in-line with the camera as well.

Sorry for being picky, I'm a bit moody today. - by calm on 29th Jun 2001
Well I guess then that Bryce doesn't know how to position the 3 seperate objects in its 3-dimensional workspace... These aren't hand drawn in paintshop.. they are rendered relative to each other.. as for the size.. yep, I'd say that a sphere 4,500 meters in diameter is a small planetoid.. check out the miscellaneous gallery to see what the empire state building looks like sitting on their engine ring. Grin, Each of the larger hangar doors you see right at the edge of the rings (above and below) is 450 feet high or 45 stories.

Hehehe, I might do a shot of one sitting at the spacesport with a view around it on a typical day with all the traffic...

Thanks for the comments.. let me know if you have an idea for a scene using them and I'll do that..

Seeya! Hope your weekend goes better! - by MorituriMax on 29th Jun 2001
Another MorituriMax light show! Ooooo! You certainly like the large scale stuff dont you? Impressive, but rather mental :) - by Lightside on 23rd Jul 2001

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