Achilles 23rd May 2001

Beauty shot of the Warlock class Dreadnought Warlock

49.9 kb, 1024x768, 386 views, JPG


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these are very dark, I think you should adjust your monitor brightness a little (or maybe I should).

Cool ships man, you could use the 3D wireframe as a basis for a few dekplans. - by TerroX on 23rd May 2001
I could use it a basis for deck plans if I could do deck plans. I have seen some of Chris West's work and there is no way I am going to be able to put out something like that. :) If I thought I was good enough I could try it with most of the ships I just released in the Resource->Spaceships section, but my attempts at creating any kind of deck plans has turned out VERY poor so far.
I can give the exact dimensions and a few major locations to anybody that wants to take a crack at it though.
- by Achilles on 24th May 2001

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