Achilles 23rd May 2001

The Dreadnought Warlock being escorted by 3 Valiants and a flight of Falcons

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This is my favorite of the series of 3 you posted. The ships blend well with the planetary background. Nice variety here and the squadron concept seems well balanced. NICE! Rating 7 (1 to 10) - by MorituriMax on 24th May 2001
I agree with MorituriMax on this one.

BTW : Do you guys want ratings on art or so ? - by vempire on 24th May 2001
Hehehe, I was just messing around with the rating... wanted to look official... "I think this one gets a blue ribbon!" Wondered what was used to make this.. 2 parts artistic skill and one part....?.... - by MorituriMax on 24th May 2001
MorituriMax, as much as it pains me to say it; it was 1 part artistic skill, 1 part Technical skill and 2 parts luck. The program I use is Lightwave and I was running an experiment on camera placement and angle and just so I would not have a black background and could see the ships I added the picture of the planet somebody else had already done. After a little tweaking that is what you get. I have worked hard to get the same sense of balance in other pictures but I have not come up with quite the same..... whatever it was that makes this picture feel so right. I keep trying though and have come close on another picture I will release next week. - by Achilles on 24th May 2001
I especially like the perspective, it make space look as immense as it is. - by calm on 08th Jun 2001

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