Kuronar Fortress Ship Alianhya GalprhriKuronar Fortress Ship Alianhya Galprhri

MorituriMax 22nd May 2001

The Kuronar Elective Fortress Ship "Alianhya Galprhri", translates as "Soul Sliver" is a sight not appreciated by most who see her, as it is the last thing they will ever see. The maw of the Anxion Transentral Cannon can easily surround most warships of other nations navies.

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This is a fantastic ship model, but the textures make it hard to know what you're looking at, and the plain black background is a bit dull. Sorry for the constructive criticism, but I do like the picture. - by calm on 08th Jun 2001
Thanks for the criticism.. the darn thing is so big, to get a good close shot you'd need to make it a 3000x3000 pixel image.. grin... - by MorituriMax on 09th Jun 2001

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