Just topping off the tanks...Just topping off the tanks...

Lightside 21st Apr 2001

A bulk gas carrier takes one last dive through the upper clouds of Jupiter to locate pockets of Noble gasses to fill its tanks, before heading back to it's depot in the inner system.

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Authors note: A ship designed in a similar veign to the last one. The ships gas tank texture comes from a picture of the huge tank used to launch the Shuttle. I figure the ship would have to be fairly streamlined to operate in atmophere, and as a consession to maneuverability, i stuck a spoiler wing on it for good measure - by Lightside on 21st Apr 2001
hot rodding in the future? hehehe, tim the tool man taylor would like this one.... Cool picture! - by MorituriMax on 22nd Apr 2001
Where can one get some textures to import into Bryce 3D I have no clue and with to expand my work, and not having mastered the material lab, I need imports and advice. - by exile_one on 25th Apr 2001
Well as far as finding decent textures, most of the good sources have dried up and you can't really find decent ones out there anyway.. use the basic ones in the Bryce library and just fiddle with the colors, etc... I never learned the dam library that good either but sometimes you can make some good ones with paintshop pro and load them into bryce objects by clicking the little P-Dot in the Materials section..
- by MorituriMax on 25th Apr 2001
The surface of the hull looks too smooth. The pilot cabin looks a little stretched and, inversely, it should have more of a point to it. It really does look like the surface of Jupiter. I like the engine exhaust too. - by calm on 08th Jun 2001

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