Temporal StationTemporal Station

MorituriMax 31st Mar 2001

Long distance shot of an Athaline Temporal Station. Especially visible are the Dimadaxial converters, resembling old mines. The station has six, which create the stabilizing field to allow the use of the Athaline Temporal Coding technology. Several Integrator spheres can be seen floating in and around the station going about repairs and general maintenace.

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Athaline Temporal Coding technology ??

Man, this is damn fine.. I like the design, I'm sure this helps a lot in games. - by vempire on 01st Apr 2001
Temporal Coding (V): The ability to move matter from one temporal frame to another. This can be either travel to the past, or causing the target to copy itself and/or associated events to multiple dimensional referants. Ex: Coding a solar flare to occur slightly earlier or later than originally happened. If one recoded the flare to have happened 1 second earlier 16 times, one ends up with 17 flares 1 second apart. Temporal Coding at PL 7 is limited to past times, whereas at PL 9, the future becomes accesible through the use of quantum computers. The limits of this technology are strictly classified. Current users of this Tech is Athaline at PL8. Kuron Elective scientists are reported to be experimenting with temporal research. - by MorituriMax on 01st Apr 2001
What the f***! Was you on something when you made this? - by calm on 08th Jun 2001
Yeah, but do you LIKE it? hehehe, I just report what I see and the Athaline's make some wierd shit... grin - by MorituriMax on 09th Jun 2001

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