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Lightside 13th Mar 2001

An ion drive powered interplanetary shuttle, typical of the ships owned by small companies on the inner planet runs (c. 2150). Normally used for light freight and passenger duties, these shuttles are designed for versitility and reliability.

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Authors note: The fuel tank texture was home-made, and the texture for Mars in the background is derived from actual NASA photo's.

3d - Bryce 4
Textures - PSP7 + PS5.0 - by Lightside on 13th Mar 2001
Whoa, I'm not sure what I like about this but I surely do like it!

In which part do the passengers/crew reside ? It seems like a helluva large ship with only the front being used as living space.. - by vempire on 13th Mar 2001
It's kind of an assumed continuation of present day design. For example: The saturn five rocket was a huge machine, but it was still made up of mostly fuel to allow the tiny command section to get to the moon and back.
I think that spaceships in the near future will still require a large amount of their mass for propulsion and fuel storage - mainly because the engines themselves will still be pretty inefficient.

I reckon the command section window to be around 5m across, its just there isn't really any indication of scale in the picture. - by Lightside on 14th Mar 2001
I think you're right about that.. Great to see this kind of thought out art. Ever considered making a resource with ship stats and background information of it ? Most of the time we get to see far-future spaceships :) - by vempire on 14th Mar 2001

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