Harvesters of Procyon-IIIHarvesters of Procyon-III

MorituriMax 09th Mar 2001

Two Harvesters on Procyon-III locate a rogue Crystalanthine which has managed to break away from it's herd during an electrical storm. The young ambulatory creature tries to scramble across a low ridge jutting from this acid lake.

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I like this one most, has some interesting stuff. Remind me of Battlezone II as well. Keep up the good work Morituri.

And don't assume people are not watching, they just don't comment much - download and move on is the rage on the GRID these days. - by TerroX on 10th Mar 2001
I love the colors used on this one! Everything is in the right spot .. That's the place where I would want to wake up in the morning! Very peaceful! - by vempire on 16th Mar 2001
OOw .. mail me a higher resolution of this one! 1280x1024 preferably! - by vempire on 16th Mar 2001
Beautiful scene, from the odd harvester droids, to the magical building structure, right down to the planet in the background. I really like this picture. I would like to live on that world, if the water wasn't acidic. I can't see the Crystalanthine though! - by calm on 08th Jun 2001
It's the building structure thing.. hehehehe, the ropes are its arms and legs trying to pull it over the ridge to get away from the harvesters... hehehe BOO! - by MorituriMax on 09th Jun 2001

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