MorituriMax 19th Sep 2004

This is a wallpaper sized image of my first photoshop from scratch planet.. looks like I'll be doing many more over time.. requests welcome, if you have a rectangle image map of a planet send it to me and I'll see about making an image..

353.1 kb, 1200x1200, 289 views, JPG


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Wow. Magnificent. This is truly excellent work. Your first? I don't believe it. For whatever it's worth, I'm envious of your talent. - by Kzinwarrior on 14th Oct 2004
Grin.. not so much talent as FREAKING stubborness.. photoshop is NOT something you can master or even begin mastering in anything like the time it takes to learn paintshop pro...

thanks for comments.. right now am working on a more habitable type of planet.. oceans and stuff are harder to nail than desert type..
- by MorituriMax on 14th Oct 2004

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