a view from another worlda view from another world

mig_nova 02nd Mar 2001

this was my first attempt to create a space scene in Bryce3D

59.5 kb, 480x360, 253 views, JPG


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Not bad, continue and I'm sure you'll make breathtaking space scenes in no time! - by vempire on 02nd Mar 2001
yay!, I love it when people do their own art for RPGs 8-)
The worst thing about space is that is wastes all of your black ink when you print..
Do more! - by TerroX on 03rd Mar 2001
This is very good indeed, especially for a first attempt! The planets make me want to visit them, but the asteroid itself is also compelling. What unusual composition makes it shimmer? Hmmm.... - by Starbrat on 23rd Apr 2001

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