SuperPower FX CoverSuperPower FX Cover

leptonica 20th Feb 2001

This is my homebrew cover for Scotti's SuperPower FX suppliment. Enjoy.

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Great cover, leptonica. You've managed to capture the style of the Alternity supplements very well. What was your inspiration? - by Starbrat on 20th Feb 2001
Thanks for the kind comment.

I was originally fooling around with an old Charles Atlas advert when I came up with the figure that reminded me of DC Comics take on Captain Atom.

After that I added the electron orbitals and the nuclear explosion. I wanted to nod towards other sorts of "secret origins", but I couldn't think of an easy way to represent them on the I simply separated the different regions with strands of DNA.
- by leptonica on 22nd Feb 2001

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