Warships CoverWarships Cover

leptonica 20th Feb 2001

This is my homebrew cover for the Wizards of the Coast "Warships" document. Enjoy.

114.9 kb, 479x625, 469 views, JPG


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"And Starbrat saw that it was good". Seriously, this is very high quality stuff. Do you have .pdf versions? - by Starbrat on 20th Feb 2001
That's exactly what I was missing!!! Great work! - by Valiar on 21st Feb 2001
Thanks again for the kind comments.

Some of you may recognize the image of the ships as being based on models from the "Homeworld" series of games. The starfield and hex grid were overlayed and tweaked to try and give a little perspective.

I have pdf files, along with appropriate disclaimers, but I'm not sure where to post them. - by leptonica on 22nd Feb 2001

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