Southeastern Boweeth ParishSoutheastern Boweeth Parish

MorituriMax 18th Aug 2001

Moving south from the last map, we come to the southeastern section of Boweeth Parish, with Syadar Parish just sticking its head in at the top. A richly populated area, we can even see one of the few Depot systems of the Kuronar Elective DEP38-4W, where the KE maintains Fleet Reserves and also maintains major ship upgrade programs. The Wapenee cluster of high population worlds is among the most loyal of the KE systems. The Commercial Hub Gahiin Poreth is one of the heaviest trading centers anywhere in the galaxy if not the most advanced. Think Flinxs homeworld from the Pip&Flinx series of books and go upscale by a factor of 5 million.

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