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MorituriMax 08th Mar 2001

REDCON, the mysterious scout for the Athaline Survey Directorate, submitted this map via Haikkom Link. This is the only known view of Angel Space. The Zone of Ascension which bars most sentients as well as coherent scanning equipment from their space is shown in detail as well as the six barrier systems known as the Six Hells.

Even though the Angels have made their mark throughout the known universe, they are merciless towards uninvited travellers. The only known intact Angel Site is the Churhyae System, a Dyson's Veil which archaeologists are only now beginning to explore. For further information re: ZoneAscension, Dyson's Veil, Angels, Six Hells, refer draktel:11232.23RedconZetii

81.1 kb, 800x600, 785 views, JPG


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This has to be one of the best looking maps I have seen, EVER ! - by vempire on 18th Mar 2001
Wow! This is a grat map. I really like the stars on it. - by bjb on 01st Jul 2001
Sorry I would like to say great instead of grat.
- by bjb on 01st Jul 2001

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