Irimagik v2.0 Kiahlahm SectorIrimagik v2.0 Kiahlahm Sector

MorituriMax 25th Oct 2002

Well, using the new version 2.0 Galactic Map (the final map at this level) we see the Kiahlahm Sector. Here is the center of the Irimagik Campaign with the major Stellar Nations mapped out. Some juggling was required to position everything correctly, and these layouts are final. The Nation Capitals are noted, and the scale is shown at bottom right.


In the next week I will be intensively detailing the Dorsai Domain. This will give an idea of the format used in the Irimagic CD-Rom which I hope to have ready by the end of '03. Arg! My kingdom for a staff of writers and artists... <grin>

378.2 kb, 2100x2102, 3466 views, JPG


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Very nice work. Any chance that you would consider doing the same type of thing for Earth and the surrounding systems? Thanks. - by DocHolliday on 08th Feb 2003
I take that last comment back! I see you've already done the Milky Way! Great job. - by DocHolliday on 08th Feb 2003
Cool... thanks for the comments.. I've been working hard and heavy on the Dorsai Domain lately.. got all 55 maps done (look at the image and the little square blocks in the Dorsai Domain, there are 55 of them).. just have to add star detail for them..

I'm going to release it to free as "Dorsai" is actually made by Gordon R Dickson and I don't want to sell something that I have based on someone elses work.

This is going to be a testbed, with all the maps, important people and a breakdown of Dorsai Domain ala SD.. it's going to be one muther big PDF.. - by MorituriMax on 08th Feb 2003

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