Suveidor SystemSuveidor System

MorituriMax 19th Apr 2002

This system is located in the Kuronar Elective. A standard Solo F2V system with a mystery.

71.2 kb, 800x800, 766 views, JPG


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Pretty. But I'm confused about the scale bar up top: it represents a huge distance as 2 AU, but owing to the square representation, you have to cram a couple of the outer planets on a diagonal. Would it make more sense to show the system more or less "to scale", in one huge horizontal scroll?
--James Nostack - by Compiler_Nostack on 06th Aug 2002
Well, I would like to, but the file size would shoot up exorbitantly if I actually made them more to scale.. I compromised by using that scale and squeezing the height to also represent the 3d looking down at an angle perspective..

Some were so big I had to literally use two scales on the same map and add a zoom window for the inner section..

Its just a compromise thing.. - by MorituriMax on 07th Aug 2002

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