Athaline Imperium-Quadrant AAthaline Imperium-Quadrant A

MorituriMax 10th Jan 2002

Here we see the overall Quadrant 1, which contains Map 14 (counting the individual 2x3 blocks from the top left to the bottom right). The faint numbers are the District numbers and also visible are the county names (reddish yellow) as well as the major star names (light blue).

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This looks kinda confusing compared to the crisp maps preceding it. Are there indicators for vertical offset, or are all the stars on the same plane? Are the numbers on the side lightyears? "County" sounds like a strange designation for a star sector, but hey, if it works...
--James Nostack - by Compiler_Nostack on 06th Aug 2002
Grin.. this is actually a Quadrant level map. There is no z-axis scale here as it is mainly used to show rough positions of stars, any further detail would be at another scale. This is the largest detail zoom scale. The numbers on the side are indeed light years, so you can see that I only included the most important systems.
- by MorituriMax on 07th Aug 2002

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