Athaline Imperium-Quadrant 1-Map 14Athaline Imperium-Quadrant 1-Map 14

MorituriMax 10th Jan 2002

The heart of the Athaline Imperium, this map shows the Athaye-A and Athaye-B systems which are effectively one system under the newly formed TGA (Transit Gate Authority). With the new gates in place travel between the two stars is instantaneous and more systems will be brought online if the field tests prove positive. The Naval Bases at Vathenu, Dorasti 98, and Shim Ascu form the backbone of the Athaline Navy. Although the Kuronar Elective fields an estimated 650,000 heaviest units, and the Athaline Navy has only 38,000 heaviest units, their use of Organic, Robotic and Bio-Robotic crews and prime focus on quality, innovation, and training makes their smaller Navy much more effective unit-for-unit than the KE.

The Military Nexus at Ru Damascus is one of the few Ringworlds in existence and their unique deployment of Fleet Yards must be seen to be believed, as any traveller to the system can attest. It's potential has only been scratched as yet, and the Kuronar High Command is keeping a close eye on the Athaline activity here.

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This is a gorgeous map, but I'm confused when you say this is one system. This entire map is a single solar system with a lot of space stations and orbital colonies? Or are those two stars simply a crossroads for the zillion different systems listed here? I really like the descriptive caption up above.

--James Nostack - by Compiler_Nostack on 06th Aug 2002
Using the new Gates, travel from one system to another is instant. This basically makes it one giant system, but not physically. They are still seperate systems.

Athaye B has a very important historical role in the Athaline Imperium, as it was where the advanced technology was discovered which allowed a huge leap forward for them. Thus it was given the -B version of the home system.
- by MorituriMax on 07th Aug 2002
It's seperate systems, but with the Gates you can pop in and out of each system by using the connecting gate. - by MorituriMax on 17th May 2007

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