Kuronar Elective-Quadrant Three-Map 17Kuronar Elective-Quadrant Three-Map 17

MorituriMax 31st Dec 2001

Ok Dk.. a new era in mapping begins.. grin.. well it sounded impressive for a second.. Seriously.. after playing around the last couple days I have changed the format (uh, I mean improved) again.. made some small changes actually. Check out the map and see if you can tell the differences, one is the big Q in the upper right hand corner.. it stands for Quadrant (little purple bordered areas on the main macro map) and has the number stamped on top.

Please, feel free to send me comments, I love feedback.. once I get the entire thing mapped I plan on selling a CD with complete HTML encyclopedia format, and also printable versions of each map, stats on the star systems and places in alternity format, etc etc.. probably sell it for $25 +S/H.. anyone interested? Well I gotta get back to mapping...

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I presume most of these are alien names? The phonemes sound kinda inhuman. What font did you use? It's really attractive and well-suited to star chart type stuff.
--James Nostack - by Compiler_Nostack on 06th Aug 2002
Trebuchet MS was the main font used. Every name was made by me and I tried to keep it close to human but different from a Star Drive setting. I have tried to use the same naming rules for each nation in Irimagik.
- by MorituriMax on 07th Aug 2002

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