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Alternity Gold WallpaperAlternity Gold Wallpaper

Kzinwarrior 20th Nov 2007

Just teaching myself how to render polished metals. Thought you guys and gals might like it for a wallpaper.


313.9 kb, 1680x1050, 197 views, JPG

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Exploding AlternityExploding Alternity

Kzinwarrior 04th May 2005

Defend the faith.
Spread the word.
See the light.

244.8 kb, 1024x768, 711 views, JPG

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Source of LightSource of Light

LordCeleborn 24th Nov 2004

Have you ever been so close to the death of a star...

617.9 kb, 1024x768, 1174 views, JPG

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Basic Alternity WallpaperBasic Alternity Wallpaper

Kalor 13th Jul 2002

I created this Alternity wallpaper just for the hell of it. I needed to waste some of my overly abundant time. ;)

Hope you like it!

216.9 kb, 1024x768, 1510 views, JPG

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Who do you want to screw today?Who do you want to screw today?

MorituriMax 09th Mar 2001

A little joke I put up on my desktop every now and then. Just convert it to a .BMP after download. Hehehe, take that Microsoft!

35.9 kb, 640x640, 2532 views, JPG

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Dark MoonDark Moon

d_leonard 08th Mar 2001

This is a cool Dark Matter Back drop for the screen. It is real digital picture that I took with its contrast slightly altered.


900.1 kb, 640x480, 1498 views, JPG

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