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Onboard the Area51Onboard the Area51

mig_nova 19th Nov 2003

Here we see the mysterious external known simply as The Cap'n, aboard his unique saucer-craft The Area51. The suit he wears is a robotic suit to account for the fact that he is only about 2 feet tall. The suit helps him to get around and can be handy in a fight. (it features a detachable plasma gun!)

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manatheia 03rd Jun 2003

One of the alien species the heroes encountered on their journey.. Nolgon's live in a world ruled by the Rulers (at least they like to think of themselves in such a way) !

The Nolgon's have a strong affinity with nature and the magical powers they associate with it. They like making 'potions' and beverages.

Elderly can communicate with nature, and learn to control it's magic by listening and understanding to it.

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Jason "Wolf" HedgeJason "Wolf" Hedge

Rhade 07th Apr 2003

This is a portrait of my character for Savoy's awesome Star*Drive campaign.

Jason, a jovial human with some obvious mutations, recently joined the group on Leen and has helped them find their way around.

Despite his completely blank eyes, his near constant smile tends to make him easily apporoachable. His good attitude and willingness to fight in defense of the group became quickly evident to the rest of the team, and so far has been greatly appreciated.

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Spes - the fallSpes - the fall

giogi 08th Nov 2001

The fall of Spes, a lone survivor looks on...

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New EdenNew Eden

blaster219 06th Sep 2001

Home to over 150 million people, in 2201 New Eden is the most populated colony world outside the sol system. Colonised over 50 years ago by the British and the Australians, it is described as a paradise world with a tropical climate. An living example of what Earth could have been like if it had a tropical climate and humans had never evolved.

As dawn breaks over the horizon, Battle Cruiser StarStrider 4 enters orbit, accompianed by an escort of 3 smaller ships.

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Querrik the Assassin--a self-portraitQuerrik the Assassin--a self-portrait

querrik 02nd Apr 2001

Querrik is a sesheyan NPC in my Alternity campaign. He is a member of the Twilight's Coursers assassin's guild. His heavy maser pistol (shown here) is named Quincy. His other weapons, a starsword and a quantum gun, are named Percy and Jake, respectively.

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Alternty - Wife of the Main CharacterAlternty - Wife of the Main Character

drizzit 18th Feb 2001

Another Alternaty drawing. She is the wife of the main character. By ICE also.

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