Star System: Concord Taurus
Date: 2503-02-25
Breaking news out of Concord Taurus: Concord Intelligence has learned that the terrorist group, "Concord Free Now" has been actively seeking biological weapons or agents that can be made into biological agents for some pending, unspecified attack.
Though the time and target of the pending attack by CFN is still unknown, Concord Intelligence has confirmed that a number of agents of CFN have been actively searching for biological agents, specifically.

Derrick Redmond, from CI, explains: "A number of our field agents have been in contact with members of a cell in the Verge, and have confirmed that these efforts of CFN have sharply increased, specifically in the search for biological weapons. It is unknown at this time if CFN has a specific target in mind, when this imminent will take place, but we do have some suspects that we would like all law enforcement agencies within the Verge to be on alert for. These suspects are: Jendra Jacobson, human female; Kylie Hyckok, human female; Ghorrd Rh'ikarr weren male; and Chi Jungo, mechalus male. They were last seen heading towards the Stellar Ring, but our contacts have learned they have recently returned to the Verge. These individuals are to be considered armed and very dangerous. We urge private citizens to report to their local law enforcement agencies any information that may be helpful in apprehending these known terrorists, and not to confront these individuals themselves."

It is unknown at present if these are the same individuals responsible for the theft of the Thuldan retrovirus, NX-01, but the similarity is remarkably stunning. Redmond declined to comment on any link between these individuals and the thieves who allegedly stole the Thuldan retrovirus.

September 24, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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