Star System: Aegis
Date: 2504-02-20
Jhered Lho, a low-level fraal diplomat from Concord, was found dead in his apartement on Hughes Island on Bluefall yesterday. Regency and Hughes Island law enforcement has begun a preliminary inquest into his demise, and has reason to believe foul-play cannot be ruled out at this time.
"There were no apparent signs of forced entry, nor did the building security log any unusual visitors around the time of death for Lho. At this time, it would be premature to speculate on a motive for this, and we are treating this as a homicide at this point in the investigation," says police sergent Matthew Rhaymes. Lho was a minor diplomat, only recently assigned to The Verge, and is survived by a wife and 3 children, none of which were in the Verge at the time of Lho's death.

Though eerily reminicent of last year's still unsolved murder of fraal mystic, Sajir nid Hanras, in Babel on Alaundril, Tendril system, law enforcement authorities say such speculation is "premature at this time". Rhaymes: "I'll give you that two fraal were found dead under mysterious circumstances, but light-years apart? No, I don't think there's a connection. For their part, The Seers have not provided law enforcement nor the public any new information on that case, and appear to not wish to be involved in this one, either. Requests for interviews were declined.

A source working close to the case noted that there was no indication of weapons-fire, nor was the body apparently damaged in any way. The rationale for pursuing this as a homicide comes from Concord. "Whenever a diplomat turns up dead somewhere, Concord Diplomatic Corps is on it like flies on [explitive deleted]. You can bet that they're going to get the bottom of this soon," says the source, preferring to remain anonymous.

The body is being examined by the medical examiner's office, and a coroner's report will be posted when the autospy has been completed.

Anyone with any information regarding this crime is asked to contact Regency or Concord authorites on the AeGrid as soon as possible.

September 23, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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