Star System: Aegis
Date: 2504-05-01
Bruce Hale, in his official capacity as Orion representative to the Galactic Consulate, arrived on Bluefall today, reuniting father with son: Christopher Hale, Regent of Bluefall. This coming some 6 months after the famed Attack of Aegis last December, where the Lighthouse was lost.
In what was a news-media event not to be missed, The Elder Hale was personally greeted by the Younger, within minutes of the transport from the Concord fortress ship, Excalibur-B landed. Father and son shook hands, smiling amiably, and each wispered in hte other's ear words that no reporter has claimed to have recorded... yet.

It is hoped that the significance of this visit is to inform the Verge Alliance of more help in the form of reinforcements from Old Space; but the precise nature of the unannounced visit is still not known at this time.

Accompanying Bruce Hale, the representative from VoidCorp, YC937 59NMP, silently stood by. But as the Concord representatives left the starport area and boarded a skycar transport towards a likely unlisted Regency submarine, YC937 59NMP handed out X3D's with the following holo-statement:

"The Verge Alliance has exceeded our expectations. This victory, and the victory at Ignatius this past August, show the true spirit of humanity and its allies. Yet, it saddens us to know that, for now, the advantage is still in the hands of these invaders.

Concorde and the Consulate are doing all they can. Personally, I would recommend that the Verge Alliance consider an exit strategy. Each remaining holding here in the Verge considerevacuating to their home nations in Old Space. Bhruusil colonists, for instance, should make for Catalog. For Independants, a similar urge, yet to a nation of their choice. "

What is Concord telling the Regent? Is the nature of his father's visit buisness? Personal? Both? And why would YC937 59NMP urge us to leave?

September 23, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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