Star System: Borealis Republic
Date: 2503-02-22
Taking a page out of Old Earth history books, a number of students at University City on Sapphire staged a "sit-in", protesting the various sabre-rattling and posturing of other Stellar Nations against the possible war against the Externals. Members of all the twelve active colleges, which are Unism, Virtue, Aestheticism, Neosolipsism, Deism-Unism, Utilitarianism, Platonism, NeoKantian, Exonihilism, Verant-Benn, High Rationalism, and Justice Ethics, gathered in the University Quadrangle, chanting, "Just say 'no' to war".

Rebecca Stallworth, a student of the College of Virtue, spoke with TVN: "We are gathered here to show that if all of our schools can gather together in peace, then we can model for humanity and its allies peaceful co-existance with the Externals. Things have gone horribly awry! There's no need to be recalcitrant, or our part, or theirs."

University officials declined comment, indicating that the protest was unplanned, and student-driven. However, one official, speaking on the condition of annonymity, had this to add: "I'm so proud of them all. I've often wondered what is was like during the 1960's in the North American university scene, and here it is, playing out right before my eyes. This is truly special."

The demonstration lasted about 2 hours, featuring the neo-heavy-electronic metal band Midi-Squared (pictured here), and concluded peacefully, and without reported incident; though TVN has learned that there are a number of incidents "being investigated" of QuikSim use, biaxinin use, heavy drinking, and a few reported sexual assaults. Again, University officials had no comment.

Writer's note: This was written as an inside joke largely for myself. The bolded, italicized text was an actual line of my at-the-time officemate/ supervisor that I *ahem!* lovingly call "The Ice Princess". Nerdier than nerd.

September 23, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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