Star System: Prime
Date: 2503-02-18
Concord Governement: The FOG has rolled in

"One after one they just kept hitting us, it was a nightmare that wouldn't end!" one witness reported. A faction that is using hit and run techniques on freighter ships that pass through the system. One source tells us that the Concord Military has there hands tied with this. Another tells us that VoidCorp is responsible.

"Foundation of Glory" also known as FOG is what they call themselves. They issued a statement today stating "We just want to bring the criminals to justice. No more hiding behind the collar of power. We want to bring them forward for the crimes against humanity".

Gen Loymen Psy-Ops/SW Commander of the Thuldan Empire suggests "Justice? How can they justify justice with there attacks on the innocent. It has been set in stone for centuries, We will not negotiate with terrorists!"

After that brief statement Gen Loymen's press secretary will hold a press conference during the week to discuss further details about this matter.

The Thuldan Government is working hard with the Concord Military in bringing these criminals to justice. But why is the Thuldan Government so interested in this? More news later...

Reporter: Disko_B

December 04, 2010 - dblade

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