Star System: Borealis Republic
Date: 2502-01-05
Ad Section: Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits!

Tired of the rut you've fallen into? Tired of being planet-bound for one day longer? Tired of all the bad news streaming across the Grid? Ready to do something about it? Well, read on, hearty soul, read on...

Borealin Librarian, Jeff Bullard, and Union of Sol Captain (retired), Ras T'Far are looking for able-bodied sentients with a hunger to see what's beyond the next starfall, a desire to touch what no other has touched before, and a keen interest in creating a little fame for your descendants to be proud of.

Borealis Jeff and Captain Ras want you for this Grand Tour of Unexplored Space on board the venerable and spaceworthy BSS Philadelphia. Galactic News Now (GNN) has agreed to gridcast daily updates on this historic journey so that all galactic citizens of Old Space, The Verge, Far Reach, and beyond can thrill to the daily adventures of this intrepid crew as they expand our horizons for the benefit of all.

Deep Space Pilots, Navigators, former members of the Concord Survey, those retired and/or discharged from Star Force Service, communications experts, First Contact Specialists, doctors, medics, scientists, spacehands, cooks, all have a part to play in this momentous event.

Contact Bj0836104 at your nearest grid access location to join. Don't Miss the Opportunity of Your Life. [nogauranteeofmissionlengthsalarieshealthandwelfarestatedorimplied. Joinatyourownrisk]
See You On The Docks of History!

Reporter: BorealisJeff

December 04, 2010 - dblade

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