Star System: Austrin Ontis
Date: 2502-03-14
Austrin CEO issues formal response to Concord Proposal

Jamestown, Powder. TVN has just learned that CEO Karina Jahra of Austrin-Ontis has issued a statement regarding the return of Austrin wreckage.

The statement, which was delivered to the current Concord Ambassador, reads as following:

“The Board of Directors of Austrin-Ontis Unlimited will allow the return of our property recovered by Administrator Kyle Black Eagle. While no mere material possessions can ease the pain or suffering our people endured during GWII, we can only hope that this will allow some of our bereaved to find some small measure of closure. After an extensive investigation by the Intelligence Division, any uncontaminated and identifiable personal effects will be returned to their rightful owners. We thank the Administrator for his assistance in this matter.”

Inside sources have informed TVN that the above statement was almost rejected by the Board, and that it was only after extensive editing that wavering members were persuaded. Our source would not identify the exact vote, but experts agree that objections probably came from both sides, with some wanting a softer response, and some wanting outright rejection of the Nariac offer.

Inside sources has also indicated that under no circumstances will the Austrins open broader relations with the Nariacs, whom they hold accountable for the so-called Leodal Atrocities.

Reporter: kieran57

December 04, 2010 - dblade

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