Star System: Algemron
Date: 2503-01-05
New Discovery Suggests Sesheyan Deception

Artifacts recovered from a recently-discovered crash site on Grith have resurrected old suspicions concerning the sesheyan presence in the Corrivale system and the truth of their origins.

According to VoidCorp intelligence agent SI267 91PKR (Arlyn Gates), starship wreckage brought to the surface of the Boreal Sea 700 kilometers north of Diamond Point proves once and for all that the sesheyans of Grith were not brought to the Verge by a precursor species as they have always asserted, but instead invaded the Corrivale system and took the moon of Hydrocus from its original colonists by force.

The VoidCorp accusation states that the wreckage has been positively identified as VCT PM00282 (Lucky Haul), a cargo ship modified for military use during the second Galactic War and believed lost in 2359. The public disclosure document goes on to describe sesheyan remains found within sealed sections of the ship's sunken hull and a partially-intact computer record that, according to VoidCorp, details a "traitorous group of sesheyans plotting to destroy a helpless colony with their stolen fleet." The announcement goes on to claim that the vessel was shot down by Hatire defenders and forgotten by both sides after crashing into the sea.

This claim has been met with expressions of outrage both from the seshyans, who continue to assert that they are indigenous sentients, and from the Hatire colonists, who are calling for a full independant investigation. Tensions between the sesheyan and Hatire communities of Diamond Point have escalated overnight, as both parties demand that VoidCorp turn over the alleged evidence for analysis.

Meanwhile, VoidCorp is refusing to share or display any of the recovered material and is demanding that the Galactic Concord overturn the controversial Mahdra ruling of 2499 which determined that the Grith sesheyans were independant and not subject to VoidCorp's Sesheyan Compact. If the petition succeeds, nearly 200,000 free seshyans will become legally recognized as VoidCorp employees and subject to its sovereign laws.

The Galactic Concord has not yet made a public comment on the matter, and no Concord official was willing to go on record about the situation at this time. TVN will bring you more information as events unfold.

Reporter: Gabriel Connor

November 13, 2010 - dblade

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