Star System: Algemron
Date: 2503-08-05
Lucullan Alliance Summit Begins; Experts Skeptical

A high-profile conference began today that could affect the fate of the entire Lucullus system. Participants in the Governmental Alliance summit gathered on board the Lighthouse, in a previously-vacant embassy building on deck 199 temporarily dedicated to this purpose.

While an official roster of delegates has not been released, Consulate Minister Michael Thayne and Station Administrator Kyle Wakefield were both seen entering the building along with Ambassador Richard Klindo. Others reported to have entered the summit building include delegate Norio Morita of the Solar Union, Ambassador Avarie Valeria of Bluefall's Regency government, and, surprisingly, General Toris Klangat of the Thuldan Empire. At least five new visitors to the station have been identified as members of the Lucullan League's Bureau of Directors. Nolan Aymes, Concord ambassador to the Lucullan League, met with Minister Thayne late yesterday evening and is also expected to be in attendance at the summit. While such a list of participants might give some sentients hope that the Lucullus system may soon become a safer and more lawful system, many experts in the field of political science believe that the summit is not likely to effect any real changes within the system.

"It's just a political show-and-tell," says historian Nash Stellinopolis, "The Lucullan League has no real power in the system, because the factions within it are not actually bound to recognize any policy it makes. Besides that, the Barons are perfectly happy with the current state of things. Couple this with the fact that the Solar Union really has no desire to govern Penates again, and this summit begins to look more like a waste of time and effort and less like the breakthrough in governmental relations that the politicians want it appear."

Because the summit has already begun, none of the representatives involved were available for comment.

Reporter: Gabriel Connor

November 13, 2010 - dblade

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