Star System: Algemron
Date: 2501-05-04
Weren Settlement Abandoned

"New Kurg," one of the oldest weren settlements in the Hammer's Star system, was found devoid of life yesterday afternoon when an independent merchant vessel landed at the site of the Arist colony on a monthly resupply visit. Jack Severis, captain of the Alaundril-based trader ship "Happy Debt", promptly reported his discovery to a nearby Star Force patrol which confirmed the findings.

Signs of a major conflict were evident, yet no bodies were found. "From the type of blast marks on the cave walls and other structures, we believe that klicks were involved in the attack," said Lieutenant Commander Jenda Ta'nor. "Our investigation is ongoing, of the settlers on Arist is of great concern to us, and we intend to make sure that this type of tragedy is not repeated." While the disappearance of the weren settlers is the foremost mystery of this situation, it's not the only one. A VoidCorp vessel registered as VCT PM77929 (Secure Contact) was also found abandoned at the settlement site, and the stellar nation to which it is registered has so far been unable or unwilling to explain the ship's presence there. Since the colony was originally founded by weren refugees fleeing VoidCorp service in Old Space, it is considered unlikely that this vessel would have been welcomed. To confuse matters further, the vessel is not equipped with a stardrive. New Kurg was founded on a region of deep interconnected natural cavern systems, which are very common throughout Arist. If the battle moved into that tunnel network, there's no predicting what further Concord investigations might find.

Reporter: Gabriel Connor

November 13, 2010 - dblade

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