Star System: Algemron
Date: 2502-11-25
Concord Vessel Shot Down By Galvinite Forces In Algemron System

Yesterday, 25 November 2502, the patrol ship Losanne has been attacked and destroyed by Galvinite fighters in an hostile act of unpredictable consequences.

28 Concord crewmembers (over thirty constituting the crew) lost their life in the incident, including the ship's commander, Lieutenant Marion Lei-Wong. It is the first time since the institution of the Algemron Neutrality Patrol, in 2497, that a skirmish turns into the utter destruction of a Concord vessel from regular Galvinite forces.

The accident happened for causes still to be cleared.

As reported by the Concord survey/radar frigate Perseverance, that was in the area and logged the whole escalation, the escort vessel was in patrol in the area when it intercepted on its sensors four galvinite aerospace crafts (two Totmacher IV strike-fighters and two FSF-37 Harpy interceptors, as it was confirmed by the Perseverance) heading at full speed on the course of the Estrella III, an Orion medium freighter carrying a food and medicine shipment for Alitar.

Immediately, Lt. Lei-Wong entered in comm contact with the fighters, ordering them to slow their course and clear their intentions, while ordering the ship to approach the hot area.

No reply followed the message of the Losanne; the fighters, instead, took an attack formation. The Perseverance communicated to the Losanne that the four crafts had apparently armed their weapons.

The Concord officer didn't lose time, giving a last-chance warning to the squadron: halt immediately their hostile action against a neutral vessel and head back.

When no answer arrived from this last radio communication, the ship's commander ordered to fire warning salvos towards the four Galvinite crafts; immediately, the Losanne's heavy lasers shoot three consecutive salvos at a no-harm distance from the fighters.

As soon as the first laser burst was fired from the ship, the two Totmachers suddenly broke formation and headed to the ship's sides. In a matter of seconds, they unexpectedly and with absolute no-warning loosed two deadly matter torpedoes towards the ship.

The Losanne, not prepared for such a repentine hostile maneuver, simply did not have the time to avoid the incoming projectiles. The first stroke the ship in the aft, while the other, partially fooled by the ship's flares, exploded amidships. The terrible payload devastated the Grassopher-class ship, destroying on impact the vessel's engines, engineering room, and almost all the crew quarters. After the strike, the Galvinite squadron immediately changed course and headed for Galvin. The Estrella III safely reached Alitar ten hours later, escorted by two Concord scout and an Alitarin frigate.

Aboard the Losanne, probably 90% of the casualties happened on impact, as further analysis reported.

The wreck of the ship continued its course while flames were consuming the few compartments still not exposed to the void. The Perseverance, too poorly armed, could not but witness the tragedy from its radars and sensors. Five minutes after the torpedo-strike, the remains of the ship exploded; only an escape-pod flew from the onslaught.

As reported by the only two survivors, Ensign Avra Sotiropulou (also Losanne's helmsman) and Spaceman Christophe Laurenti, the acts of their commander were pure heroism.

"The whole bridge was in flames, and there were dead and blood everywhere";, cries in shock the 19 years-old Ensign, interviewed by our Algemron reporter Sandrine Kutznetova; "The commander obliged us to enter the only available escape pod. She ordered us, you understand? She still had hope to save the ship and Bradley, Carrillo and Kristeller that were unconscious on the ground. I cannot forget it. She was bleeding from a cut in the head, she was going to die, and she was smiling to us. Oh my God oh almighty God. Why? Why?".

Her words are confirmed by Laurenti, that had served for 2 years under the command of Marion Lei-Wong. "The captain has always had incredible chilled blood. I remember once when she obliged a Galvinite destroyer to retreat from approaching a convoy; i mean, that monster could have fu**ed us into dust in no time, but she did it. But this has been an ambush, believe me. I am not in space since eleven years for nothing. Those m*********ing bastards were preparing this. We should clear them out of space. That woman was the best captain i ever served with, and she is dead now. She saved my life".

Accuses of an open and clear provocation come from Captain Safiya Al-Husseini as well, commander of the Algemron Neutrality Patrol. "This has been an open, criminal and deliberate act of piracy. Bombers armed with weapons of such destructive magnitude were not simply fulfilling an interdiction mission. They wanted what happened: this is terrorism. We have no intention to let the Galvinite forces to slip untouched through this", declared the officer during the inflamed press conference held few hours after the incident on the Neutrality Patrol flagship, the light missile-cruiser General M. Davidson. "This has nothing to do with the private issues of Alitar and Glavin. This banditry must stop or it will face strict punishment and retaliation; we expect the explanation of the Supreme Commader himself".

Thirty minutes after, a military spokesman for the Federal State of Galvin replied to TVN Network: "This has been the legitimate response to five years of Concord interference with the private issues of Galvine. Our fighters have returned fire after the umpteenth arrogance show of Concord forces. To protect neutral vessels means too often for the Concord military to disturb our maneuvers in order to help the Alitarin terrorism.
We have no problems with Concord vessels as long as they keep their distance from our ships. The tragic happening of today is the sign for a more balanced and careful Concord politic in this area; otherwise, Galvinite forces have again proved their self-defense capabilities".

As tension in the area grows, Concord high-ranking officers call for calm and carefulness in the actions of Captain Al-Husseini, that has already risen the alertness of her forces to Red-Delta Tetra (pre-warfare) status.

We remember than in the area are actually present about 40 Concord vessels, including the light cruisers General Davidson and Higashi-No-Kaze, the escort carrier Katrina and five destroyers.

Reporter: Alitar

November 13, 2010 - dblade

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