Star System: Austrin Ontis
Date: 2503-01-16
Austrin-Ontis Unlimited signs exclusive deal with T'sa Cluster privateers

Steven Cook, Vice President of Press Relations for A-O, has recently announced an exlcusive deal reached with the leadership of the T'sa Cluster to provide to all privateers granted a letter of marque from the Cluster special discounts for arms and ammunition. This deal, previously unprecedented, will offer to those privateers of the t'sa the latest military-grade (but not restricted grade) weapons and ammunition, but only with a valid letter of marque from the Cluster.
"It's pure economics, really. These privateers: what are they to do? Use harsh language? Bare hands or claws? I don't think so", says Cook. "What we are offering is 50% off of all military-grade weapons to privateers in the employ of the Cluster, and the first case of 20 clips of ammo for those weapons FREE. Starship weaponry installation, upgrades and maintenence 30% off is also available, which these privateers can access both here in Austrin Ontis space, as well as our Verge depots."

Cook continues, "We are deeply sympathetic to our friends, the t'sa, for their losses in that unprecedented attack, and are deeply concerned for the welfare of the Verge at large. It is for these reasons, also, that we support their cause."

Chaluk Chisier, the leader of the t'sa, was also present at the press announcement, had this to add: "To date, the number of applications for letters of marque from the Cluster has been about where we expected; and sincerely hope that this generous offer from Austrin Ontis Unlimited will help 'sweeted the pan'." Chisier declined to elaborate as to the amount of response the announcement has recieved, as well as the number of letters of marque granted from the Cluster.

Also, to date, TVN has been able to verfy that there has been no response from the Alaundran vessel, "The Liquid Sky", given thier recent honor of the very first letter of marque against the klicks from the Cluster. When such details become available, be sure to tune in here to TVN, as well as here

September 23, 2009 - bri_aitsya

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