Star System: Aegis
Date: 2503-12-14
Concord "Operation Affinity" Bears Fruit

The Tower, BLUEFALL- A pretty brunette begins the broadcast, sitting in a busy communications center at what appears to be a makeshift news desk. “This is Dainko Tryll, reporting from the Aegis System. A few days ago, I agreed to interview a Concordian official, on the stipulation that they remain anonymous."

"While I normally have trideo, in this case, the entire interview was communicated via telepathy. However, I was allowed to record the interview in a specially modified simsense rig.

“Without boring you the viewer further with the technical details, the subject, who only identified itself as ‘Cade’ for this interview, stated that they came forward to, in their words, ‘Give the Verge hope, that there are smart, experienced people who are deeply involved in this war against the Externals.’”

DT: “Thank you for allowing me to be the one to bring this information to the public.”

C: “Your welcome. As I told you earlier, I have a brief statement and then you may ask a few questions.”

DT: “Let’s begin with your statement then.”

C: “A number of years ago, near the beginning of the Concord, a project was started to bring together the best and brightest that the different races of the Stellar Ring had to offer. Many such being already were involved in their own governments or busy with other projects. However, as time went on, Project Synergy began to see some results. At first they were small things, inventions that found parallels in other Stellar Nations and so the project was continued. Aleerin cybertechnology was mated with Fraal psionic technology, T’san engineering and Human ingenuity. Other avenues of research were pioneered. Cultures, ancient, modern and in between, were dissected. Interpersonal relationships, intra- and extra-species were all reevaluated. Ancient philosophical questions were pondered, but this time from separate viewpoints. Why is there war? What price is peace worth? Freedom?”

“With preconceived notions thrown aside, some conclusions were new, and some not so new. Without delving into the theoretical, I can tell you some of the practical results. Operation Affinity, one outgrowth Project Synergy, is tasked with equipping the Concord to deal with the External threat. Imagine if you took the technologies available to the different races of the Stellar Nations and brought them to bear in a ship building program. Aleerin nanotech: Nanofluidic armor and powerful AIs. Fraal: Psionic Amplifiers and Gravitic Redirectors. T’sa: Life support expertise, Humans: Sheer production capacity.”

“We’ve been waging a clandestine war against the Externals for far longer than I’m currently willing to say. While secrecy still serves as a shield against our cunning foes, I am proud to say that the Concord will be stepping up their support of the Verge in this terrible conflict. While its true our enemy has some advantages in technology, the gap is a great deal narrower than many believe.”

There is a short pause before ‘Cade’ says, “You may ask your questions now.”

DT: “What can you tell me of Project Synergy?”

C: “Not much more than I already said. It is an umbrella research organization with a variety of projects that it oversees. For the most part, they deal with the primary goal of the Concord: The ability to wage peace among the various interstellar powers.”

DT: “And those that don’t directly support ‘waging peace’?”

C: “They have what I believe is a unique collaborative environment that is geared towards pushing the boundaries of knowledge in as many directions as possible.”

DT: “How much of the Concord’s resources is tied up in Project Synergy and its daughter projects?”

C: “I have no idea.”

DT: “5%? 10%?

C: “I’m not an accountant, nor do I have access to the information you’re asking about. Having never been associated with any projects of similar scope within the Stellar Ring, I have nothing else to compare it to.”

DT: “Do they produce starships? And if so, what size and how many?”

C: “That information is classified. Starships have been and will continue to be produced. As to their nature, all I can say is that there are ships out there with technology that is beyond what is currently standard Concord issue, and quite possibly, ton for ton, a step or two beyond what’s currently available in other stellar navies. Given the obstacles we’re up against, both in and outside of the Stellar Ring, quite frankly, it simply has to be.”

DT: “You’re conducting this interview via telepathy…how widespread is psionic use in the Concord? In Project Synergy? In Operation Affinity?”

C: “I can only comment on what I’ve personally witnessed. In some daughter projects of Project Synergy, psionic use is very prevalent, due to the nature of the researchers. In others, it is nonexistent. There is no blanket template for a project. However, in many cases, those projects that are equipped with telepathic researchers, there have been rapid results due to the speed and clarity of datasharing.”

DT: “Can you detail one such project?”

C: “The Kali-series Warbot. She went from concept to production in less then 6 months.”

DT: “So, you’re going on record as saying the Kali is one of the daughter projects of Project Synergy.”

C: “I just said so, yes.”

DT: “Are all the projects geared towards war?”

C: “No, only those of Operation Affinity. There are a variety of other tools and technologies that have been developed that will be introduced once their impact has been fully assessed.”

DT: “Isn’t that an arrogant stance to take? Aren’t you basically saying that the Stellar Ring isn’t mature enough for these ‘new’ technologies?”

C: “For one thing, I never said these were new. Many of these technologies are being researched by the Stellar Nations as we speak. You don’t see the Solars sharing their terraforming knowledge with the other Nations do you? Or the Nariacs cybertechnology? Thuldan genetics? In many cases, we’re playing catch up here. The big difference is that if and when its decided this information can be released publicly, it will be shared with all, Stellar and Verger alike. There is simply no way we could match the resources of the entire Stellar Ring, even if we so desired. Lastly, if anything, the fact that there have been two Galactic Wars is evidence enough that caution must prevail when dealing with the data we’ve accumulated and the memes we’ve developed.”

DT: “You mentioned that the Concord now possesses ships that are superior to other Stellar Nation ships. When will we see them and will they be able to stand up to the Phelgethon?

C: “They’ve already be operating in the battle theatre for quite some time. Unfortunately, I do not know of any vessels constructed by Operation Affinity that have the firepower of the Phelgethon. That being said, she is not the only ship, or indeed, the most important ship the enemy has in her navy. I can stress with great vehemence that a number of resources are been directed at the problem of Phelgethon. She will be dealt with.”

DT: “The question then is, when?”

C: “I’d like to be able to answer that, but to do so would be tantamount to murder.”

DT: “A separate question then: If the Concord has access to all this wonderful knowledge, why aren’t we seeing it?”

C: “What makes you think you aren’t? Just because we’re not trumpeting the latest trid player or drivesat doesn’t mean that we haven’t been using what we’ve learned. The fact that GW3 hasn’t occurred is one such piece of evidence I can offer.”

DT: “You’re saying that we’ve been close to GW3?”

C: “Still are. Despite all the sacrifices we’ve made to stop it, I afraid all we’ve done is slowed it down.”

DT: “Is it inevitable then…will we see another Galactic War?”

C: “Not if the Concord gets to have any say in the matter. Thank you, Dainko, we’ll stop here.”

There is a short pause before the trideo again shows Dainko Tryll at her makeshift desk. “I mentioned at the beginning of this transmission that this interview took place a few days ago. During that time, I’ve been attempting to corroborate any piece of this story. While much of the information presented by ‘Cade’ is still shrouded in mystery, I have been able to determine that the Kali warbots mentioned were constructed here on Bluefall, at the Tower to be precise.

One last piece of the puzzle is the arrival of the Chevalier in the Aegis System earlier this week. Sources in Ion Productions have confirmed that her hull is armored with nanofluidics, a technology that is generally only available in Mechalus body armor. Given the relatively small Mechalus population of the Verge, and their affiliation with the Rigunmor Star Consortium, it’s a mystery how the Chevalier could have her entire hull plated with the material…unless you believe that she was produced by Operation Affinity. Her survival against a heavy cruiser underscores the possibility of other technologies at work as well. If so, this can only be good news for the inhabitants of the Verge as the war against the Externals continues to rage. This is Dainko Tryll, TVN News.”

Reporter: Merid

November 05, 2010 - dblade

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