Star System: Aegis
Date: 2503-09-30
New Evidence Links Crew of Liquid Sky to Unknown External Attack

Investigators have obtained pictures showing the Liquid Sky fleeing the scene of the External attack on Hughes Island last May.

Investigators have been given new evidence linking the crew of the Liquid Sky to the tragic External attack which occured last May on Hughes Island, Bluefall. (see TVN reports "Unknown External Threat on Bluefall" May 6th, and "Additional Information Re: Unknown External Threat on Bluefall" June10th.) Choosing to remain anonymous, an individual came forward yesterday with several pictures of the disaster. The individual claimed to have recorded the images as he fled the scene in a skycar, and that the images clearly show the Alaundrin ship Liquid Sky in retreat. (see gallery, various, title "attack at Aegis".)

During an interview with reporters on Hughes Island, the witness remained behind a screen to conceal his identity. Though his voice was altered, his distress was appearent as he had this to say: "The thing just looked like a giant amoeba or something- a huge blob with eyes. Nobody knew for sure where it came from. It just seemed to appear in the middle of the warehouse district." According to police and emergency rescue teams, the creature then made its way to the edge of the city, tearing through anything in its path. Keri Frankich, Chief of Hughes Emergency Response Team, described the scene. "There was one explosion after another. Most of the buldings in a 2 block radius were engulfed in flames. Those of us with the E.R.T. didn't get a good look at the thing because we were too busy trying to evacuate the area. We were trying frantically to get people to safety."

Using the images to support his claim, the witness attempted to fill in the gaps. "I was just unloading a shipment at the dock when a strange storm started brewing. I have lived on Hughes Island for years, so I've seen a lot of storms in my day. But I never saw one blow in so quickly. And it didn't seem to come from over the sea like they always do. This one seemed to blow in from the city itself. In ten minutes we went from clear sunny skies to a fierce storm. Then I started hearing explosions nearby and decided to get the heck out of there. As I high tailed out of there in my skycar, I recorded as many images as I could, but most came out pretty fuzzy or too dark. By that time the sky was almost black. That was very strange also, considering it couldn't have been much past 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Anyway, just as I was almost out of range I caught a couple shots of the Liquid Sky flying off. I can't help but think they were the cause of this destruction."

When asked why he had waited so long to come forward with the pictures and information, the witness had no comment.

Reporter: mig_nova

November 05, 2010 - dblade

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