Star System: Aegis
Date: 2503-01-09
Regent "Stressed" Ahead of Democracy Rally

A spokes-person for Bluefall Regent Christopher Hale has blamed stress, and a long overdue visit to an anti-aging clinic, for the Regent's conspicuous absence at a publc forum held earlier today.

"Regent Hale has been working very hard lately, and has been long overdue for a scheduled anti-aging treatment," said Regency public relations officer Kailey Vorne. "Finally it's all caught up with him, and he's resting up for a few days with stress related fatigue. His doctor reports that it's nothing serious, he just needs some rest."

Vorne also denied rumours circulating on the Grid this morning that there was an incident involving the REC and an unknown intruder at the Regent's residence last night. "No, I do not know of any intruder," she said. "As you know, the REC have been conducting training exercises ahead of next week's pro-democracy rallies, but they did not clash with an intruder here."

Lith Maine of the Regency Enforcement Commission confirmed that exercises in emergency response and crowd control, including some at night, were taking place this week. "We don't expect any trouble from the rally here an Regency Island," he said. "But the corresponding rally over on Hughes is apparently going to have a high proportion of Arrivers taking part. It's just best to be prepared."

Rally organiser Cath Viswanathi confirmed that a number of Arrivers were going to be marching in the Hughes Island rally. "Yes, representatives of a number of Stellar Nations, particularly the Orion League share our views that we should have the right to self-determination. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have great respect for Hale - I'd probably even vote for him. The point is, we should be able to vote for him - or anyone! Bluefall is a great place in most respects, but lets not forget - it's also a dictatorship!"

When asked her opinion on the REC training this week, Viswanathi's opinion was clear. "Totally unnecessary. These are peaceful demonstrations by peaceful people. If anything, Enforcer presence is just going to aggravate people - after all, the power that a dictator could wield with a force like the REC at his disposal is one of the things we're against."

Meanwhile, an unofficial Grid poll today shows that if an election were held tomorrow, 73% of Regency citizens would vote for Hale. Regent Hale is expected to be back to full health by the time of the rally next week.

Reporter: Lukas

November 05, 2010 - dblade

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