Star System: Aegis
Date: 2503-01-11
Orion League Supports Democracy on Bluefall

In an unprecedented statement, the Orion ambassador to Bluefall, Olivia Lorne, has issued a statement supporting pro-democracy rallies to be held on Regency and Hughes Island later this week.

"I commend the people of Bluefall in exercising their freedom of speech, and campaigning for their natural rights - to have a say in government, and freely elect their leader from amongst their own," said Ambassador Lorne as part of an unrelated speech at a diplomatic function on Hughes Island last night.

The statement has sparked controversy in diplomatic circles and the community of Bluefall. Many are shocked or surprised at the comment from the normally diplomatic Lorne, who has had a long working relationship with Regent Hale. "Who is this Arriver to be telling us how to run our nation?" asked Marc Wover, a merchant from Hughes Island. "Our parents left Old Space to get away from the ways of the Stellar Nations, but these Orions dont seem to realise that Bluefall doesn't belong to them any more."

Not everyone on Bluefall is concerned by the ambassadors statement of course. Cath Viswanathi of the pro-democracy movement had this to say; "Great! Maybe now that the Stellar Nations are taking more of an interest in Bluefall and the Verge, Regent Hale will see that he can't keep us under this outdated form of government forever."

At this stage it is unclear whether Ambassador Lorne's statement was merely personal opinion, or a belief shared by the Orion government - so far, the ambassador has refused to elaborate, and no word has come from Orion officials elsewhere in the Verge. Whilst it may seem unlikely the Orion League would make a statement that would seem to contest Hales right to lead, some rumours from within the Orion consulate suggest that the League has become increasingly frustrated by the Regencys refusal to give them full access to the Deepfallen.

As yet, none of the other National ambassadors have publicly commented on Lorne's statement, but the Thuldan ambassador Andrew Stott has banned all Thuldan nationals on Bluefall from marching in the Hughes Island rally. Regent Hale has not yet returned to active duty, and has likewise not commented.

In related news, an anonymous source from the Regents staff has contacted TVN to allege that there was indeed an intruder within the Regents quarters two nights ago. "I know someone was inside," says our source, "and got into a gunfight with the Enforcers. I don't know whether they were killed, escaped or what." The REC and the Regency government still officially deny any incident.

Reporter: Lukas

November 03, 2010 - dblade

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