Star System: Aegis
Date: 2501-07-21
Remembrance Holiday 2501

For anyone who's never been on Bluefall during the Remembrance Holiday, images of outrageous costumes, ghost story competitions and wild midnight beach parties may not spring immediately to mind. But these are just some of the things that visitors to Bluefall might experience during tomorrows public holiday. While the day will begin with sunrise religious services held by most of the major faiths active on Bluefall, in remembrance of the 11 million sentients lost to the Vanishing, sunset will herald the beginning of a series of parties, street parades, and festivals planet wide.

One of the businesses on Hughes Island doing a roaring trade leading up to the holiday is Carl's Costumes, on Frield Street in the city. "The Deepfallen costumes have been my best sellers this year," says Carl. "The top range ones are really life like, you'd be hard pressed to tell them from the real thing at night. Actually I was surprised at the number of adults hiring these costumes - I had to alter some of the children sizes to meet the demand."

This reporter will attest to the fact that these costumes are really life-like, if the news footage we've seen of Deepfallen is anything to go by - and Carl has plenty of other great outfits as well.

The big event on Hughes tomorrow night will be the Grand Costume Party at North Beach, Welcome Point, with over 20 000 people expected to attend. The action starts at sunset.

For those who might enjoy something a bit quieter in their evening, why not go along on a Ghost Tour of Miram Island, a small settlement which has been left almost exactly as it was found after the Vanishing; and where it's said the ghosts of some of the former residents roam at night?

There's a lot on, but there are some community voices who would remind the public that tomorrow is not all about fun and games. "We should not be celebrating in such a frivolous manner," says Held Garner, a prominent member of the Hatire faith. "Please, everyone should attend a church service throughout the day in true remembrance of those who Vanished."

Regency officials have also warned against a repeat of last year's "Vanishing Ceremonies."

"Yes, a number of misguided groups last year held Vanishing Ceremonies; quasi-mystical seances, supposed to trigger another Vanishing," said Velmont Days, Regency spokesperson. "Some of these ceremonies were probably seen as a bit of harmless fun, but others involved some pretty unsavory or suspect practices. Now, there was never any real danger, but these sorts of things tend to alarm the public, and there were some altercations last year. I'd like to remind people that such ceremonies are banned this year and anyone spotting anything of the type should contact the Enforcers immediately."

So, on Remembrance Day; say a prayer for those who are gone, party like there's no tomorrow - but please don't try to re-trigger the Vanishing!

Reporter: Lukas

November 03, 2010 - dblade

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